Popular Brands of Men’s Watches

While there are countless watch brands available today, the question of which are the best or most popular still remains. With the number of styles and types of watches available, the confusion and debate ratchets up even more. For most men, having a watch that fits their personality and compliments their interests is a must. However, not all men have the same needs in a wristwatch. Some may want a watch that is very dressy, ornate, and expensive; others may simply be looking for something modern and functional. Ultimately, when looking into the most popular brands of men’s watches, the following categories must be considered: designer and business-class watches, casual and everyday watches, and dress and jewelry watches.

Designer and Business-Class Watches

Tag Heuer is well known for designing high quality, luxury sports watches that stand at the top of the watch spectrum in terms of look, materials, and craftsmanship. They offer a wide variety of watch options, including a vast selection of metal chronograph watches in multiple classy and elegant styles. This makes Tag Heuer watches the perfect choice for any man wanting to invest in a watch that will compliment his fashion sense, as well as his station in life.

Cartier watches, much like their Tag Heuer counterparts, are known far and wide for their excellence and craftsmanship. Known especially for their leather bands that are available in many different styles and textures, timeless Cartier watches come with their signature roman numerals to indicate each number on the watch face. With their sleek yet sophisticated style, Cartier watcher are an excellent option for men looking for simple elegance in a wristwatch.

Citizen watches are known for their aesthetics as well as their commitment to pushing the boundaries and testing new heights with their mechanics. Their Echo Drive line of watches are partially solar powered – this unique aspect makes Citizen watches a fun and sophisticated choice for men who are trendy yet conscious of the environment. Citizen also offers large watch faces and many beautiful watch designs to fit with any style preference or need.

Casual and Everyday Watches

Fossil watches are the standard in design aesthetic and craftsmanship among everyday watch brands. From their flawless branding and design to the design of the boxes and tins they are packaged in, Fossil watches offer both style and personality to what is often a man’s only day to day accessory. A fossil watch is a statement piece, both in overall look as well as in name.

Casio provides men with many affordable watch options, many of which come with alarms and other features – such as a calculator. They offer dual face options, as well as metal bands; this allows men to customize their watch to fit their unique needs and wants. Alternatively, Casio watched are known for their durability and quality, which makes them the perfect go-to, everyday watch no matter what they will be subjected to or where they will be worn.

Timex, much like Casio, is known everywhere for the durability and quality of its watches. Times offers men a wonderful line of sports watches that are not only beautiful to look at but that are also fairly affordable. Many of their watches have unique features built in, such as the ability to measure distance and heart rate. They also offer relatively inexpensive digital or analog watches for those who enjoy being outdoors and need a watch that can stand up to the pressure and wear-and-tear of the outside elements.

Dress and Jewelry Watches

Bulova watches are the epitome of dressy watches. Their simple, elegant, and streamlined designs come in multiple shapes and sizes. Also, Bulova is well known for more than just wristwatches; they are also recognized for their wall and desk clocks. Their commitment to excellence and the quality that they infuse into each watch sets them apart from the rest. For men wanting a durable yet sophisticated watch that is both dressy and simple, a Bulove watch is the way to go.

Most jewelry store chains – such as Zales – sell watches; many of these are very dressy and ca be inlaid with gems or even made of precious metals. As such, they can be very costly but their value and beauty may just be worth it. Watches like this are typically of heirloom stature, meaning that they are the perfect things to pass down from generation to generation. One perk of purchasing a watch from a reputable jeweler is that they often will have a warranty available for purchase, which can definitely come in handy.

In the end, when it comes to searching out a popular men’s watch brand, be sure to consider all the factors and spend time thinking about what category of watch you are looking for.



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