Positive Thinking – Don’t Allow Negativity Into Your Life

Positive thinking is much more than looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty. The famous quote “if you think you can or think you can’t – either way you are right” is probably the most indicative statements about the sheer value of positive thinking in our lives. It seems simple- think positively, think good things, smile often and be happy! But for most folks it is one of the single most difficult adjustments to life on this planet! How can something so simple in theory be so difficult in process.

Probably most people do try to look at the sunny side of life. Unfortunately, life caves in and all the turmoil’s, troubles, stress and discontentment flood the psyche, washing away all the opportunity to be positive. People become down trodden and self abusive in their mental chatter; assuming the worst and usually getting it. The vicious cycle of getting what we ask for seems to only further prove our idea that life truly is not always a positive thing! After all, how in the world can one remain positive when so many undoubtedly negative things keep happening? What if we are simply getting what we ask for? Sure, out right no one would ask for financial trouble or illness; but what if the non-positive thinking status of our mind is attracting to us that which we don’t want?

Let’s pretend for a moment that the metaphysical and new age theories of thought that essentially acclaim we are what we think and that our realities are created by our thoughts are true. Imagine it to be as true as it is that they sky is blue or that fish swim! Now take a look at your own life. Perhaps the negative thinking and mindless insults and insecurities we toss around in our own heads – the voice that tells us we can’t or won’t do something is the deciding factor in our fate. What if the reasons that we think so negatively or that our lives are a culmination of squashed dreams and deserted hopes is wholly the responsibility of our own thinking. Would you be willing to change your mind? Examine your language for one day. How many times do you say words inconotated by negativity like cant, wont, don’t, hate, don’t like, refuse, or NO? How many times do you begin to nod in disagreement before a statement or question is fully asked? How often do you expect the kids to act up, to not feel well, to be tired and stressed? How many times during a day do you think about failing, about not doing as well as you dreamed, about something you feel you have given up or a compromise in life that leaves you unsatisfied? Read those sentences a few times and even take the time to write your answers down. Keep track of your thoughts and actions for one day and you will surprise yourself at how much negative thinking you do.

The law of attraction says with Universal wisdom that that which we put our energy into is what we will be attracted to and what will be attracted to us. So if we constantly think, worry or are fearful about lack of money or sex- we are given exactly that. The most difficult part of the whole equation is that positive thinking is hard to implement. Perhaps we are afraid that by thinking positive, that by getting what we want, by seeing our lives as limitless cups that runneth over we will be perceived as selfish. Perhaps we learned along the road of life that somehow we must pay our dues or earn, toil and sacrifice in order to get what we want out of life. Somewhere in our lives we have given in to the fact that we must suffer to succeed. That we must put ourselves down or last in order to be worthy and giving. We have either been taught through our social graces that getting what we want is spoiled and greedy. So many of us try to think positive for a day or two at a time and are overwhelmed by guilt and quickly revert into the comfort zone of negativity. We cling to it like a leech to blood and refuse to give it up. Have you ever asked yourself why?

There are some theories. By thinking positive and expecting positive things and hardly even considering that things could go wrong we risk being disappointed. Depending on faith or belief we risk being fearful of being punished and deep down inside many of us actually feel unworthy of the positive thoughts necessary to transform our life. Humans change their minds all day every day. You might decide on McDonalds over Wendy’s. You might choose to go see one movie instead of another. Painless, quick and easy switches in our thinking. So we know we can do it. Yet, when it comes to the simplistic theory of changing our negative thoughts into positive thinking we resist. Like mules our heels dig into the ground and we fight against one of the innate, beautiful and inalienable right known to people – happiness! Positive thinking makes things happen and causes a shift in our lives unsurpassed by any thing or circumstance. Positive thinking is what changes our destiny and enables us to systematically and naturally manifest peace, happiness and joy. Positive thinking is the one thread in the quilt of life that never snags nor withers from stress. The point is we have to choose it above, beyond and over every thing else.

The bottom line is that the only way we can truly live the life intended for us, the one we secretly dream about in our solitary mind is to begin to think positive every day. Think positive about our jobs, our children, our future and our today. Certainly – some days will be better than others and all of us will have to find not just the will but to courage to think positive in all circumstances. We should be afraid not to expect the good but to assume the bad. We should worry more about the state of our lives when we resist the switch in our thinking so furtively that we refuse or ignore all the positive going on around us. You may not believe in the laws of attraction; but you don’t have to. You do have to believe in the power of your mind to make things happen. If you commit to staying stuck in the mud that is negative thinking; no matter what ideal you believe in – you will never get out. Positive thinking is not just seeing the glass half full- it is seeing the glass, the artisan who created it, the fluid inside, the plentiful well that fills it and the ability it has to thoroughly quench the desires and needs of your soul. All is always well!



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