Practical Tips to Quickly Firm a Post-Pregnancy Flabby Stomach

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that leaves you with a beautiful baby and a sagging stomach. The skin is made of elastin and collagen that stretches as your size increases. The problem with the skin is that it may not return to its original form once stretched. A woman can’t help but compare her pre- and post-pregnancy body and get sad. Instead of giving you hope, I’ll give you practical advice in this article. First, here are some quick facts to get any misunderstanding out of the way.

  • Yes, it is possible to get your old body back.
  • Yes, it can be done quickly.
  • Right exercises actually tone your belly.
  • A healthy diet does play an important role.
  • Just exercises and diet may not work as fast as you expect.

What Should You Do?

What you should do depends on many factors. Some get their bodies back exactly as they were before without doing anything – it shows that body type and genes matter. You should ask yourself if you will be able to keep up with a routine of hard work now that also have a newborn baby. Even with help, are you motivated enough to follow a strict routine? Another factor is your current financial position. Below I’ve shared a few things you can do to get a slim and beautiful belly, starting with the quickest solution.

Visit a Plastic Surgeon

If you have the resources, the fastest and guaranteed way to reduce that belly is through the help of a professional plastic surgeon. Dr. Eddy Dona, a cosmetic, plastic & reconstructive surgeon, has been helping patients with Abdominoplasty also known as Tummy Tuck in Sydney for decades. He shared that, in many cases, skin stretches so much in pregnancy that no exercise or diet can bring it back to its original form.

Your abdominal wall has three layers that stretch with pregnancy: fatty tissue, skin, and underlying muscle. It is understandable if exercise can’t tone all of them. That’s why fitness experts also recommend strength training along with regular cardio. These practices are likely to show results, but you will need to be patient and consistent.

Start a Cardio Routine

Cardiovascular is the best type of exercise to tone muscle and burn fat. There are many different exercises from low to high intensity that can bring your old body back. Be sure to wait for six weeks after delivery before starting cardio workout. Start with bike riding, jogging, and swimming. Make workout more intense as you get used to them.

Strength Training

The underlying muscle in your stomach gets very weak after pregnancy. It is important to strengthen those muscles to tone the belly. Start a regular strength training program with exercises like planks that tighten your glute muscles, core, and hips.

Eat Only Healthy

A healthy diet will help you build muscles. Make sure you are getting extra proteins for your body as you might also be breastfeeding. Avoid fast foods and drink more water. The protein intake depends on the amount of workout you do. If you are doing intense cardio and strength exercises, your body will ask for more food. Keeping yourself hydrated makes your skin more elastic. Drinking more water will also help in burning fat.

Massage with Plant-Based Oils

Plant-based oils have the quality to help skin repair itself. Massaging your stomach with these oils will play a role in achieving your desired goal faster because there are anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant content in them. Almond oil is a good example that helps with stretch marks.

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