Preparing Your Gaming Room for a Poker Night with Your Friends

For a game focused on portraying as little emotion as possible, it’s a popular choice for a good get together with your friends. It’s been the game of choice for a manly bonding session for centuries now – and that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If your favorite pastime is a friendly game of poker, maybe it’s time to take that to the next level. Grandma’s discarded table and the mismatched deck chairs just aren’t doing it anymore. Instead, you can carve yourself out a little corner of your home that is just for you and your poker buddies – and we can show you how. Read on for all the details on making yourself your poker-dedicated man cave.

The decor

Casinos veer wildly in style. You will either find yourself with the yee-hawing gamblers, cowboy hats and all with no semblance of a poker face, or amongst high society in their slinky ball gowns with a glass they call a flute in their hand, or a cigar. There is no in between.

So, your two main options when it comes to décor are fun or sophisticated. If you go with fun, you’ll want a neon sign somewhere on the wall that offers a naughty joke. The room should be full of color, right down to the green felt table, and even your deck of cards should have some naughtiness to them. So is the style of the City of Sin.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a classy place to chill, you will need neutral tones on the wall, moody lighting from classy lamps, and a big box of cigars nearby. For the ultimate poker experience, those mismatched deck chairs should be swapped out for a quality seat, and you can add a leather chair or two nearby for when the game is over.

The entertainment

Obviously, poker is the entertainment, but it doesn’t need to be the be all and end all. You can add items to the poker table to make it a fully fledged games room. For the classics you can add a dart board to the wall and a roulette wheel to the table, for example.

If you really love your poker though, you can add a TV or laptop to the equation to play a few hands on sites like GGPoker for example, or stream the World Series of Poker games straight to your new venue. If you can, go for a wide screen TV for image clarity. Add a console and you’ve got a gamers room in the mix. You could use it as a home cinema when your poker buddies aren’t around.

Or you can use the TV/laptop to get the music going. Play the music stations or turn on Spotify for a bit of ambience in the room as you play.

The storage

Even if you have a clear out of your garage, you’ll probably have trouble fitting a table and chairs in, and you’ll definitely have trouble fitting a vehicle in there if you manage it.

Think about space-saving alternatives to your typical poker table. There are tables that fold away and become part of the wall art, or if you have a kitchen island that is either on wheels or can have wheels screwed onto it, you can pull it out whenever you need it. Other options can double as storage for other things in your garage, so you can store your tools and extra bits and pieces without having to sacrifice the space or dig through the millions of places it could be in your garage.

Add a mini fridge to the mix, a big bag of ice cubes, and maybe a collection of little umbrellas and you’ll have the hottest hang out spot in town.



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