We all know that the internet is a great tool for procrastination. And whilst there’s still a debate about whether spending too much time on Facebook can be harmful, it’s clear that there are some more productive ways to spend time online without scrolling through pictures of funny cats!

So whether you’re picking up some new language tips, hunting down some tasty recipes, or even playing casino games to boost your brain power and pocket money, here are some fun alternatives to hitting the refresh button on your Facebook feed.

Although many people have claimed that Pinterest is a time-wasting exercise, it can actually be a pretty good way to build up a source of inspiration for anything from Christmas gift choices, striking fashion looks, and tasty recipe ideas.

It’s also great for any projects that you’re undertaking, whether it’s a future DIY plan or even a craft challenge. And with over 150 million people using Pinterest as a virtual pinboard for their lives, it’s clear that the internet can help us get a little better organised.

Even if you’re just in the mood for relaxing, then there are plenty of ways to do this without necessarily turning into a coach potato. In particular, playing video games can have surprising benefits in terms of boosting our grey matter and helping us become less stressed.

And when you think about the ways that Red Flush Casino allow us to play free slot machines without making a real money deposit, it shows that we can practice our casino gaming skills without making any costly errors.

The concept of game playing can also boost our brains in other ways too. Although it might not be quite as relaxing as the slot games at Red Flush Casino, the great Duolingo app has meant that we can learn a new language thanks to the app’s fun challenges and cute interface.

Similarly, even something as seemingly boring as computer coding can be made fun thanks to the likes of Udacity that has plenty of quizzes and challenges that could see you building your own casino gaming site in no time!

And finally, if those casino games have left you a little over-exhilarated, then be sure to get some of the latest relaxation apps like Buddhify that use innovative stress-busting techniques to help you unwind and prepare yourself for another busy day!



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