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Professional Review of the CBQ Method for Quitting Smoking

I decided to write this professional review of the CBQ method because I am both a medical doctor and an ex-smoker who stopped smoking with that method 1 year and 7 months ago.

The reason I was motivated to put together this review was that I found many other reviews of Nasia Davos and the CBQ on the internet. Therefore, I felt compelled to share my own experience with it and contribute to this dialogue.

How it All Began

The majority of smokers are well aware of the dangers that smoking poses to their health. Yet they encounter difficulties that prevent them from quitting. Unfortunately, being a doctor does not mean you are immune to the smoking addiction.

For 43 years I was smoking a pack of Camel per day while knowing how dangerous it is and while advising my patients to stop. I also attempted to stop in many occasions and with many different methods, but nothing worked.

When I came across Nasia Davos’ Ted talk, I felt delighted to listen to a new approach to quitting smoking.

However, I was quite skeptical. I thought “how can someone create a method out of thin air?”

Having that in mind, I decided to learn more about the method and subscribed to the email list of her Smoking Cessation Formula website.

The more I was understanding the CBQ method, the more sense it made. I realized that it was based on logic and existing scientific research, which took me a couple of months to deconstruct.

My curiosity drove me to dig a bit deeper than most people into the scientific papers and research behind the CBQ. The more I read and researched the more fascinated I became by the work Nasia and her team had done in creating this model.

Soon after that, I purchased the CBQ program online and I was able to stop smoking.

Hopefully, the review below can help other smokers who are trying to achieve similar success.

Official Review of the CBQ Method

I have outlined crucial points considering the ease, effectiveness, and permanency of the CBQ method.


The CBQ method is easy to understand and makes quitting smoking easy.

However, the program itself requires you to take the material seriously. Typically, you need to devote about 40 minutes a day to the program, but I could not allocate that much time. I was able to work on the program every 3 days, which did not affect my progress negatively.

The program promises that stopping smoking with the CBQ method requires no willpower. In my own experience, I had to use some willpower to get on with the process.

Nevertheless, once I smoked my last cigarette, I did not have to employ willpower not to smoke. It was easy, which was something I never expected.


The program of the CBQ method promises that one will cease smoking and not desire to smoke any longer. In that sense, I regard the effectiveness of the program as high.

While anticipating my quit date, I felt fearful and nervous. I watched some of the videos multiple times and went ahead with my quit day as planned. To my surprise, I felt relief and did not want to smoke any longer.

Since my quit date, I have found myself in multiple situations where I was either socializing with smokers or remembering occasions where I used to smoke. These occasions used to be temptations, but now they are nothing but memories.


I have quit for 1 year and 7 months. It’s paramount to consider that permanency is not just about the length of time that passed since someone quit. Instead, I believe two factors measure permanency:

1) To not depend on smoking to overcome challenging situations.

The CBQ program ensures that due to its firm decision-making process as well as the process of replacing smoking with another activity.

2) To stop from time to time and reflect on how your life has improved since stopping smoking.

Who Is and Isn’t the CBQ Program for

I have recommended the program to many of my patients, and those who completed it have quit. Based on these recommendations, I suggest the following:

The CBQ Program Is NOT For

– Patients who are using other courses of treatment such as the nicotine patch or stop smoking gum, as this will not allow them to get the full benefit of the program.

– Smokers who are not able to invest time in learning and doing the exercises. The nature of the program is about learning as well as doing the exercises that breaks your attachment to your life long habit.

The CBQ Program Is For

– Patients who are preparing for surgery or other medical procedure as it will allow them to be substance-free.

– Patients who have become dependent on Nicotine Replacement Therapy or vaping and wish to stop.

– Smokers of 5 – 25 cigarettes a day as it will help them evaluate and change their relationship with cigarettes.

– Smokers interested in self-development as the program includes processes to be more self-aware, less impulsive and happier.

To conclude, in my professional opinion the CBQ method can help a lot of smokers who want to quit for health or other reasons. It pleases me to see this method gaining more and more popularity and helping more people to quit smoking. I expect it to gain even more prominence in the near future.

From the desk of Dr Richard S. G.

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