Pros and Cons of Being a Mother

Being a mother! It’s one of the most amazing things in the world, right? It’s the job that keeps on giving – even though some of the gifts, like 3am puke infested wake-up calls, may be a little more than you expected. And there is hardly a mother alive who would trade in her kids (most of the time) or her blessings as a mother for all the money in the China. (And that is A LOT of money!)

But still, as with any job, there are pros and cons to everything and being a mom is no exception. The pros and cons of being a mother are often the same thing. For instance, one pro is never being alone! You always have someone to talk to. And yet, never being alone and always having someone to talk to (especially when they are under 4 feet tall) is also a con. (I believe they call this a double-edged sword.)

Today, let us lighten our hearts, count our blessings, and review the pros and cons of being a mother.

Pros of Being a Mom

  • Your greatest accomplishment will always be giving someone life. How amazing is that??? In and of itself, that is pretty impressive.
  • You can park in the parking spaces that are close up to the store entrances and are reserved for either pregnant mothers, or mothers with multiple children!
  • You always have an excuse to get out of something if you don’t want to do it. “Oh, garden party – I am so sorry, I don’t have a babysitter for that day!”
  • You never have to answer your phone or your door because you always have a reason to be busy. Or, you can just say you missed all those calls from your mother in law because your toddler was playing the latest version of Angry Versions on your smart phone.
  • You can eat cupcakes, and Cheetos, and other junk food. Be honest, your fridge and cupboards are filled with more junk and food now than they ever were prior to having kids.
  • You can use Dreft laundry detergent. Which is like the scent of heaven on earth. Except it is so expensive that the only time it makes sense to use it is when you have an infant in the house.
  • You can get out of sex anytime you want to. Kids are always an excuse.
  • You can cook chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese and be dubbed the best cook in the world! Or, serve cereal for dinner one night and suddenly you are the coolest mom on the block.
  • You will always have someone that thinks you are the prettiest, most awesome thing on the earth.
  • Like Snow White, you have an honest mirror. Your child WILL tell you if you have a booger hanging out of your nose or if your jeans make you look fat.
  • You learn the meaning of forgiveness. Always. No matter what your child does, you forgive.
  • You finally understand all the talk about love. Unconditional love.
  • You can drive a minivan and still be cool doing so. After all, you basically HAVE to.
  • You can do everything the complete opposite of your own parents and prove to them that their way is not the only way, or the best way.
  • You can relive parts of your own childhood! Even better, you can help your child truly live their own childhood.
  • You will always be needed.
  • You get to read children’s books again. How awesome is that?
  • You learn how to get by with minimal sleep, and realize that you only need half your brain to function well. Imagine the possibility you have by using your entire brain.

Cons of Being a Mother

  • You forget what it means to sleep.
  • You will have to read children’s books multiple times, over and over again, sometimes 100 times in one day. And they are always the same books.
  • You drive a minivan.
  • You realize that your parents were right about some things.
  • Kids demand to be fed, which means not only do you have to grocery shop, but you also have to prepare food. And even if that food is only cereal, toast, or Ramen Noodles, it becomes annoying.
  • Your child will spend the first half of his or her life loving you and thinking you are the most awesome thing in the world, and then one day wake up from a nap, and think you are the most awful parent in the world.
  • Children remind you the innate reason behind sex, which can on some days, make just the idea of sex seem repulsive.
  • You will never buy anything for yourself ever again.
  • You lose control of the remote control – for like ten years straight, and never ever get to watch your favorite TV shows or movies in peace.
  • Suddenly, you are aware that you are responsible for everything that you do, and that your decisions greatly affect other people.
  • Your kids will tell you the truth. And sometimes it will hurt.
  • There will be someone talking to you all the time. You will never again be able to use the bathroom by yourself.
  • You will know what it means to worry. For real!

You will never have enough money. Ever. And every single penny extra you get – will be spent on the something the kids need.

And the list goes on and on! But in this case, the pros – definitely outweigh the cons. (At least most days!)



5 Responses

  1. Wow so sad. The pros are mostly how can you use your children as excuses. What a selfish reason. I will never have children. I love my life. And i think just because you have ovaries and an uterus you don’t have to breed.

  2. that is sad, you have to think on the bright side, imagine the joy on your little girl or boys face when you give them a simple thing like cereal. Or imagine all the love you will get from this little child in your arms. So what if it’s hard, other women don’t even get a chance. And here you are just already hating to be a mom. That’s sad and really stupid. Someday you will hopefully change your mind and when you do that little infant in your arms will make you the happiest woman on earth.

  3. Thanks for the article!
    You pro/con list was comical. Only a mother will get the humor, though.
    One more con: over flowing toilets
    One more pro: love at first sight & each time I look at their sleeping faces

  4. This is probably the saddest most horrible list of pros and cons for motherhood. I’m a mom and looking for some things to be hopeful and happy about. This did not help. And this must be outdated too because the amount of pros that literally “use” the kids are just wow.

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