Pros and Cons of Raising a family in the Country

You have always wanted to live in the country. To escape the hustle and bustle of town and find yourself a nice and quiet place out in the country where you and your family can live. You have imagined sitting on a covered front porch rocking in a chair and sipping sweet tea, listening to the sound of whippoorwills and tree frogs. But is this the best thing for you? The pros and cons of raising a family in the country are definitely something to consider, especially if you are family that likes to stay busy and active. So before you buy that 40-acre tract the old farmhouse, consider the following.

Pros of Living in the Country

  • The country is quiet. You won’t have neighbors and will have much more privacy. This can mean a lot more freedom for your family, where they will have room to roam as well as be able to be as noisy as possible.
  • You can have more animals. If you are an animal lover, then living out of town means that you can have that bantam rooster that you have always desired.
  • The country enables your children to grow up in a hands on environment that puts them in close touch with Mother Nature.
  • The country setting can offer less stress overall than the city setting. Not hearing sirens and whistles and listening to the cicadas instead can be very relaxing. If you work in the city, changing your vantage point can make your home life much more relaxing.
  • You can learn to live off the land, have a garden, and go organic. There is something truly valuable about learning how to provide for yourself and your family in the country setting. Whether you want to raise your own beef, or grow your own cucumbers – both are possible in the country.
  • You learn to be resourceful since making trips back and forth to the store are no longer convenient and easy. You either do without, or become more organized to get the things you need while you are in town.
  • The views. There is no mistaking the country views from those in the crowded city life. With less buildings and construction to obstruct your view, nearly everything seems more beautiful. Whether sunrise, sunset, or the middle of the day rainbow – the country offers a much more breathtaking view of life.

Of course, with every pro – comes a con. Some of the cons of living in the country are a lessened feeling of safety. It obviously takes longer for police and rescue people to help you. Additionally, it can be frustrating to have to drive so far to take children to school, or to go grocery shopping. Obviously, living further out can also cost you more in gas expenses and travel time as well. Not to mention the fact that if you increase your acreage, you will have more property to care for and less public convenience such as cit/county water and trash pickup. For most people who choose to live outside the city limits, the cons are definitely worth the pros, however – the lifestyle is completely different and one that many people have to adjust to.

Pros of Living in the City

  • Close proximity to matters of convenience such as gas stations, grocery stores and hospitals or doctors.
  • Having neighbors. When you need that cup of sugar, or need to just chat with someone – having a neighbor that doesn’t have 4 hoofed feet can be a small blessing. The country is quiet, but sometimes it can be too quiet.
  • Knowing that the police or ambulance is not too far away. While research suggests that the more people in a specific area is directly related to the rate of crime in that area, it can be nice to know that a quick 911 call can reach officials.
  • Smaller property equals less work. Sometimes your town house or apartment living, no matter how congested comes with many conveniences.
  • There is always something to do to stay busy. There are many people in this world who do not like to live far off from the world, and who like to have as many activities as possible to stay busy. The country may not offer you things like a park or movie theater that can be a quick cure for boredom.
  • School busses and better educational opportunities. Often, moving off the beaten path means that you will have fewer choices when it comes to daycare and school systems. If you have kids, you should definitely check out your options before making the move.
  • Conveniences such as public works, trash pickup, grass cutting services.
  • Public transportation.
  • Less drive and commute time.

So which will you choose? The peaceful, quiet, and isolated country life – or the hustle and bustle of the city. The reality is that each lifestyle offers its own benefits and your choice is largely dependant upon your personality and family needs.



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