Protect Your Wine from Fruit Flies

What happens when a fruit fly lands in your wine? Do you see it, or do you taste it? The average wine drinker will react to a fly in their wine after a visual inspection of their glass. Wine connoisseurs, Sommeliers and sophisticated wine drinkers often don’t need to see the swimmer to know it’s there. They cannot only taste but can smell the change in their wine. Some describe is as an iodine-like smell that noticeably mutes the aromas and flavours of their wine.

When faced with fruit flies in your wine, what do you do? The reactions vary, some use a tool or spoon to remove the critter, many dip and drag a paper napkin through their wine and others instantly throw the wine out. To urgently prevent the event, many cover their glass with anything they can find. We’ve witnessed impromptu drink covers like coasters, napkins, dishes, brochures and often hands. None of these are very cleanly options. We have another option for you…

Our goal was to create an effective and clean wine accessory that is also attractive and easy to use. Voila! Introducing the Wine Guard. These effective new drink lids will not only keep flies out of your wine; they keep wasps out of your beer. BYE BYE FLY!

The “Elegant” Wine Guard is a strong circular mesh screen enforced by a food-grade stainless steel rim. It not only protects your wine from fruit flies but also allows your wine to breathe. The Wine Guard is designed to fit most wine glasses large or small and its weight ensures it won’t blow off your glass. This wine glass cover is not only useful but is an elegant addition to any table.

The “Casual” Wine Guard is also a strong circular mesh screen enforced by a stainless steel rim but it has a colourful silicon edging. This wine glass cover is not only attractive and useful but it also acts as a glass marker.

The “Active” Drink Guard is a circular, flat, solid lid made of a light but robust silicon. This colourful protective lid can be placed on any drink to guard against pesky insects and flies as well as keep your drink hot or cool. It is portable, stores easily and can be used by everyone.

We hope your new Wine Guards allow you enjoy your all of your wine for years to come.

For more information contact:

The Blossom Bench Group
Calgary, AB



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