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If you’re a pet lover, you want to know as much information as possible about how to care for the animals who share your life. One way to do that is to check out some of the great radio shows about pets that are available. Even if some of the shows listed below aren’t available in your area, you can often find the shows online for your listening convenience.

Warren Eckstein’s Show

If you happen to be in southern California and can turn in KRLA 870 AM or if you’re in most of North America and get WOR 710 AM then you can check out this weekly show from Warren Eckstein. The two hour syndicated show called The Pet Show airs on Saturdays from 11 to 1 PST (southern California show) and from 4 to 6 EST(rest of US and Canada show).

Eckstein considers himself a pet psychologist and animal trainer. He promotes animal health, as well as positive corrections as means for dealing with pet behavior issues. Over the years, he has worked with over 40,000 animals. He is also an outspoken critic of de-clawing cats and of using human dominance to correct dog behavior (a method used by trainers such as Cesar Milan).

You can also hear his radio show by visiting his website or by subscribing to his free podcast.

Pets n’ Vets

If you have access to KCBQ 1170 AM in San Diego, California you can listen to the weekly Pets ‘n Vets Radio show hosted by certified dog trainer Mike Stone and veterinarian Dr. John Boyd. The show airs on Sundays between 1 and 2 pm PST. Listeners can submit their own questions on topics of pet health and behavior. Unfortunately interested listeners outside of San Diego cannot access the show online.

The Petcast

Since so many people don’t listen to traditional radio anymore, some radio-style programs have gone Internet-only. That includes the Petcast. This weekly show is recorded live between 1 and 2 pm PST on Saturdays then posted online on Mondays at their website. The Las Vegas-based show’s hosts are Emily Richmond, an education reporter, and Steve Friess, a freelance writer. The show covers a wide range of topics, including current events around the country. They also have on guests, such as the author of the 2010 book Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat.

All Paws Pet Talk Radio

Listeners who want to hear from a wide range of dog experts may want to check out this radio show available on many stations and on the Internet. The list of experts featured on the programs include Vladislav Roytapel who claims to know Doglish, a pet reincarnation specialist, a pet nutritionist, and several trainers, behavior experts, and veterinarians. You can even submit a question for the experts online. The weekly show can be heard on more than 100 stations throughout the United States, usually on Saturdays or Sundays. You can also listen to several of the past shows online at your convenience. You can also subscribe to the broadcast through iTunes.

Animal Radio

Billed as the “most-listened-to” radio program about pets, Animal Radio offers weekly two-hour long broadcasts that cover a wide range of animal topics. The show is hosted by Judy Francis and Hal Abrams but features other guests and experts including veterinarians, trainers, animal communicators, and groomers. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast version, tune in on one of more than 100 AM and FM stations airing the show across the country, check out the XM Radio broadcast at noon on Saturdays and 5 pm on Sundays, or stream the latest episodes from their website.

Steve Dale’s Radio Shows

Steve Dale is considered a pet expert. He has published two books, written for both Cat and Dog Fancy, and other publications. Listeners can access his words of pet wisdom on two syndicated radio shows: Steve Dale’s Pet World and The Pet Minute with Steve Dale. The former can be heard on WLS Radio in Chicago, as well as on other channels around the country. Past episodes of his radio show are available through his online Audio Archive page.

The Doggy Diva Show

Listeners in Sarasota, Florida may already be familiar with The Doggy Diva Show which is hosted by Susan Marie and her dog Sophia. Each broadcast covers topics related to many different types of pets, including reptiles, birds, and more. Topics range from typical vet care information to more unusual topics, such as animal acupuncture. Hurricane and disaster tips for animal owners are also covered by the host and by her weekly round-up of experts. The show can be heard on WTMY 1280AM every Saturday morning between 11am and noon. You can also access the show’s older episodes through their website.

Wild about Pets

Naturalist Susan Frank hosts Wild About Pets weekly and covers different topics, including the safety of pet vaccinations and the history of successful pet-related businesses. She combines education and entertaining facts about animals to listeners while also answering questions called in to the live broadcast. The show can be heard live on Fridays at 1 pm EST through the website. Past episodes are available online on the website and as podcasts.

The Lucky Dog Show

If you’re mostly interested in dogs, you’ll enjoy the Lucky Dog Show. Hosted by Lisa Woody who owns an online store dedicated to unique dog merchandise, the weekly show provides information about living with dogs successfully and what new products are coming down the pike for our pets. The show can be heard on Blog Talk Radio live Wednesday nights at 10 pm EST and on Sirius Radio and 90 radio stations around the United States. Listeners can call into the show with comments and questions, too.

These are just some of the radio shows about pets available online and/or on your local radio stations. Remember if you can’t find the information you’re interested in through these stations, you can always create your own show and connect with other pet lovers around the world.



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