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Reasons and Remedies for a Dry and Flaky Nose

In general, our noses tend to get extremely oily compared to other parts of the face. However, we often come across individuals that experience dry and flaky noses for reasons beyond their understanding. Many of these people want to know what causes this flakiness and how to solve the problem.

There are quite a few reasons that may lead to the unusual dryness of the nose such as different skin types, etc. However, there is no need to worry because it is possible to transform your nose to a healthier and more hydrated condition without visible signs of peeling.

Reasons for a Dry and Flaky Nose 

Inappropriate Products

One of the probable reasons behind this problem is the use of skin care products that have too much of a drying effect. The skin along the bridge of the nose is quite thin. Therefore, the use of such products can disrupt the protective barrier of the skin and cause dryness of the nose accompanied by peeling. The protective barrier of the skin protects the internal layers beneath that retain moisture. Certain products can damage these layers, creating tiny cracks through which the moisture can seep out. As a result, your skin becomes dry and flaky, and may even start peeling.

Over Exfoliation

In some instances, people end up overusing different exfoliating products to get rid of flaking and peeling of the nose. This can result in excessive exfoliation, removing loads of protective cells and resulting in the loss of more moisture.

How to Find Out if You are Using Offending Products

Foaming cleansers, bar soaps, and alcohol-based toners are some of the common causes of a dry, flaky nose. These products can reduce the hydration level of the skin.

If you are currently exfoliating your skin four times a week or more, discontinue the use of all exfoliants for at least two weeks. If the problem lies with your products, the repairing process of the skin will begin and the visible signs of peeling and dryness will start to reduce.

Uneven Application of Products

If flakiness and dryness tend to appear in the corners of your nose, this could be due to improper application of a product. When using active treatment products such as retinol, acid serum, or prescription retinoids, the product often tends to settle at the corners in larger amounts. As a result, these corners will experience excessive flaking and drying. Be extremely attentive while applying these products.

Frequent Blowing of the Nose

When suffering from allergies or the common cold, the tissues of the nose are continuously rubbed. The protective barrier can be damaged by this friction, leading to moisture depletion that causes dryness, peeling, and flakiness. Application of a facial oil such as Pro Remedy Oil can help restore the moisture and make the area soft once again.

Presence of Precancerous Cells

Many of us are not aware of the fact that rough, dry, flaky skin is one of the early indications of potential skin cancer.  If you notice dry and rough patches on the nose, do not ignore them just as dry skin and be examined by a dermatologist immediately.

Please remember that our nose encounters more sun damage compared to any other part of the body. Oils secreted by the nose tend to degrade sunscreen very quickly. This is why our noses sunburn very easily.  The use of a non-greasy sunscreen such as Weightless Protection SPF 30 is highly recommended.

Symptoms of Eczema or Seborrheic Dermatitis

Red, dry, peeling and flaky skin on the nose can also be possible symptoms of eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. If you notice any of these signs, moisturize the affected areas.  Phytolipid Comfort Creme can be an excellent moisturizer for such conditions.

Final Thoughts

If you consistently have a flaky and peeling nose, pay close attention to your lifestyle and habits. Making some adjustments to your skincare routine and using the correct products may be all that you need to do.

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