Reasons To Always Use Quality Dessert Ingredients

Ah, dessert, it’s just about the only thing better than the dinner itself. Nothing beats finishing up a quality meal with a dessert that makes the taste buds revel in delight and the stomach truly satisfied.

In fact, some people wait the whole dinner just for dessert to come, and I can’t say I blame them. That’s why it’s important that the dessert be made from high quality ingredients that really make the flavors and textures pop instead of just being a bland mixture of ingredients formed into a familiar shape. Culinary artists spend years honing their dessert craft, because it turns out that making a great dessert is more than rubbing chocolate on something until it turns delicious.

Not quite sure what effect using the right ingredients will have on your finished product? Let me explain:

Let the flavors pop

An ideal dessert is sinfully delicious from the first bite to the last. When you use poor quality ingredients, you’ll end up with a flavor profile that’s bland and not very interesting to whoever is eating it. For instance, if you want the flavor of cacao to really shine through, using unsweetened chocolate as opposed to some other chocolate jam packed full of sugar is the way to go. A lot of ingredients make up for their poor quality by having excessive amounts of either salt or sugar added to them, as these are some of the easiest ways to add flavor to just about anything. You’ll know by the first bite whether or not you used the right ingredients because it’ll either be much too sweet or much too salty to discern any of the individual flavors within.

Ensures proper color & texture

Baking is seldom a process that involves just mixing together ingredients at room temperature and hoping for the best. It can involve several different steps of baking, broiling, or even hitting it with a blowtorch for a little flambe action. All of these steps will end up having an effect on the overall texture and brightness of the dessert. Lower quality ingredients won’t stand up to heat and the baking process as well as others and you risk plating a drab, discolored mess instead of a vibrant cake just begging to be viciously cut apart and eaten.

Add much needed wow factor

If you have average ingredients, you’ll have an average dessert. If you bring in some exotic materials that are seldom seen, it adds a much bigger aura of mystique around your dessert and ultimately makes for a much more impressive edible concoction. Why settle for the mundane when you can be a little extravagant?

The bottom line is that the best, most memorable desserts aren’t made entirely from ingredients you can find on the clearance rack at your local supermarket. Just about every aspect of a dessert can be increased tenfold by splurging on some better ingredients. You risk an unbalanced dessert that looks bad and has one taste much too prominent if you don’t leverage all of your options properly.

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