Reasons To Build a Home Bar

Going out for drinks is a common after-work or weekend activity. The recipe Moscow Mule is just one of several popular drinks you can enjoy while out. Bars blend drinks, conversation, and atmosphere to create an enjoyable time. However, going out to the bar can quickly add up but building your in-home bar can easily be accomplished. A home bar can take many forms. It can be a cart filled with the best spirits and drink-mixing tools or a full bar built in your basement complete with seating. Your approach will likely depend on the amount of room you have and the size of your budget. No matter the size or scope of your project, there are several advantages to having your in-home bar.

Advantages of a Home Bar

  • It Fits Your Taste: when designing your home bar you have complete control of the results. You can choose the type of seating, the decoration, the types of drinks available, and any associated entertainment. If you want specific types of drinks, you can have them. Or if you prefer stools to chairs, that’s your choice. With a home bar, it can be designed to your exact specifications.
  • Try New Drinks: an advantage of having a lot of different spirits, mixers, tools, and other ingredients available is that it inspires you to experiment with new drinks. When you want to try something different, it’s far more convenient to mix it at home than go out. You can easily look up new recipes or invent your own through trial and error.
  • Easier To Relax: make no mistake to bars are fun, but they can also be noisy and crowded. Sometimes, after a busy day, you just want to relax and enjoy the quiet. With a home bar, it’s never crowded, and it is as quiet as you want it to be. You can just sit down and relax.
  • No Driving Needed: one of the most notable drawbacks of going out to a bar is getting home. Calling a cab (or ride-sharing) or arranging a designated driver can be a hassle, and it requires a degree of planning. With a home bar you don’t have to drive home you’re already there. Plus, if you have friends over, they can easily stay in the guest room or sleep on the couch, which is convenient for them as well.
  • Economical: an at-home bar saves you money over the long term. While the setup is more expensive at first, over time, the amount of money you save on drinks and not having to pay for extra expenses, such as door fees or cab rides, does add up. The cost of a few rounds at the local bar can easily cover entire bottles in your home bar.
  • No Last Call: your home bar is open when you want it to be open. Day or night, weekend, weekday, or holiday, all you have to do is pour or mix a drink when you want one. Your bar means it operates on your terms.

Final Thoughts

The above are just some advantages of having your in-home bar. If you’ve wanted to turn your basement into a bar area or add a bar section to your dining room it is well worth the time to research that and start planning how to meet your goals.



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