Reasons to Consult a Doctor Online Instead of in Person

The pandemic may have caused more people to contact a doctor online rather than visit a practice in person, however, there are other reasons and benefits to doing so. For some people, online might be the better option.


A common reason for not going to the doctor is feeling like your health problem might not be serious, and either not wanting to bother the doctor with something that could be minor, or not wanting to waste his or her time. We all have commitments and busy lives, so the option of consulting a doctor online is a useful one if it means catching health problems early.

With Relief Seeker, you can find the best online doctors to suit your needs and read reviews of each one to see which is right for you. It’s particularly useful for getting an expert opinion on something before determining if you need to see a doctor or another specialist in person. Often, symptoms can be accurately described by the patient, then evaluated by a doctor. If appropriate, images or video can help a doctor to reach a diagnosis. Also, for those patients who have mobility problems, it reduces the inconvenience of arranging to visit a doctor’s practice in person, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If you work long hours that make it difficult to see a doctor in person, you may be able to find one who can talk to you online at a time that suits you. Even if that is just a spare ten minutes from the privacy of your office, before you get back to your work. 


Depending on where you live, privacy can be an issue when you visit a doctor’s surgery. Doctors will never share your medical history with anyone without your permission, but if you know a lot of people in your local community and they see you at the doctor’s practice, they might want to know why you’re there. If you’re a private person, or are embarrassed by your symptoms, you won’t want them to know. Many people with yeast infections, erectile dysfunction and other intimate conditions, will be selective about who they tell. Seeing a doctor online means avoiding questions from people you know. Plus, if you’ve known your family doctor for years, you might feel more comfortable talking to someone you’re less familiar with. 

Less waiting 

While we can often worry over nothing, lower waiting times for seeing a doctor online means problems can be spotted sooner. The doctor will be just as qualified as those you would see in person. So, they will be able to spot vital signs and have an educated idea of what the problem might be. If it turns out to be something less serious, you can put your mind at ease quickly. Worrying can be stressful enough and will often cause health problems. So, the sooner you get a diagnosis, the better. If you need medication, they are able to prescribe it for you.

Lower costs 

Seeing a doctor online can often be cheaper, even if you don’t have health insurance. Although the costs can be lower, not just because of the fees, but the cost of travel too. If you have mobility issues and need to make and pay for special arrangements to get there, that usually makes visiting a doctor in person a more costly experience.


One thing that patients worry about when in the waiting room is being around other patients and catching something. If you have a lower immune system than other people, this can make seeing a doctor feel stressful and sometimes put you off from making an appointment. An online consultation avoids this. Even if you need to be referred to someone for an appointment in person, at least you can cut out the worry of this initial appointment with a general practitioner. If you’re referred elsewhere, it will probably be a specialist you need to see, so there will be less chance of you catching something contagious from other patients.

There are many reasons why seeing a doctor online can be more beneficial than visiting in person. It may not always be possible to get the treatment you need from an online consultation; however, it can be a good first step in getting advice, prescriptions and guidance over what your next step should be.



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