Relocation Tips for Offices

Moving can be a big stress. Those who had to change their homes know how depressing this routine may appear. Some people start dreaming of a magic wand which makes all items pack themselves.

The others prefer hiring a professional moving company, which is quite costly but at least they have a team of people who can do all the packing job for you. If you are ready to pay for comfort, you can find more information here there are the many services that work in your state or in your local area. But if you have strong will and are ready to do it on your own, here are some tips listed below.

Gather a Team

Even the tiniest office contains too many items that require packing or wrapping. Doing that on your own can take weeks or even months which means stopping regular workflow and losing clients.

Ask employees for help. For instance, they can pack their workplaces for double payment on that day they spent for it. This trick works nice for team building too. Workers come to office in jeans and t-shirts, sit on the floor with pizza for lunch. If organized right – this can be a nice experience.

Get All Materials in Advance

Running out for new doze of boxes or duct tape will not do any good for packing and will slow it down. Count approximate amount of materials you might need and grab twice more from the store. You can always return the extras and get your money back.

Unless your office is located near the store and you can place a person to control the materials so that he would rush to buy new batch of materials noticing the team is running out of one’s. Items you might need:

  • foam lined boxes;
  • pasteboard box;
  • foam plastic;
  • duct tape;
  • stretch film;
  • paper;

Do not hesitate to use the last ones for signing all the boxes so that you could see what is in them without unpacking.

Find a Truck

Truck rental companies usually can consult you on their vehicles’ capacity. But it is better to pay more for a larger truck than going back and forth several times. If you can choose between saving time or money – always choose time.

However, some professional movers do not recommend calling for a truck before everything is packed and set in one line. That is the best way to measure amount of things you have to transport, making sure they will fit chosen vehicle.


Do not forget to warn your team that they are the ones to unpack all luggage after transportation. What you can do here is separate your staff into two teams: packing and unpacking teams. Or just leave everything in the hands of professionals. Good luck!