Renewing Your Vows – Saying I Love You Again

Life has a way of taking from us. We can give to it until we bleed, and yet it still wants more. Always. Thus, life also has a way of taking away from our relationships and the people in our life that are of the highest value to us. Sometimes it’s necessary to just step back, re-evaluate how things are, and renew your commitments and your statements of faith and mission to people. The most important person that is affected by all that life takes from you is your significant other, your spouse. Renewing your vows is one of the clearest methods of saying, Yeah, things get tough sometimes. But I love you like crazy and I would do this again. In fact, let’s do this again. it’s a refresher for the marriage. It makes you both realize why you got married in the first place and re-commits the two of you to each other.

Most people believe that you have to be married for a long time, have graying hair, even walk down the aisle for the second time dragging your walkers with you. This is an inaccurate assumption. You can renew your vows at any stage, and you can do it more than one time throughout your marriage. it’s a redefining moment that brings you back to your original connection. This means that you are still in love, you are still in want and need and that your spouse is important enough to you to make the commitment once again. This is a vital image to bring up.

If your considering asking your partner to join you in renewing your vows, you might want to consider your timing. Often the best time to do so is when things have been crazy and there’s been a lot of tension and life has bee particularly interested in your sour dishes lately. This is the time when we all need to be more connected, more valued, and more forgiving and forgiven. By taking the time to renew wedding vows after a particularly rough year, you are sending a clear message to your partner that while you just walked through one of the most difficult stages of life together, he or she is still absolutely the person that you want in your life every single day. No matter what.

it’s not vital to understand your desire. Some people just want the reassurance while others want to impress upon their spouse that the ‘seven year itch’” is a fallacy in your world. Your wedding vows over time may change. You may have gone from the usual routine of love, honor, and respect, to having the sudden urge to pour your heart out over your partner, to express everything from how you feel first thing in the morning when there they are right in front of you being themselves with all their morning breath and gas and you still find them incredibly beautiful or desirable. You might feel the need to go into a place of deep spiritual rebirth and claim your partner as your soul mate. These urges and thoughts you are having are normal for married couples who have been together for quite awhile and especially those who have been through an awful lot over the years.

You can renew your vows in any type of setting you wish. Some people set it up as a second wedding, walking down the aisle again, inviting everyone they know and planning it out almost like they were getting married for the first time. Others create a more private ceremony, one just for them and a few very close loved ones. Some couples do it together, just the two of them, alone on a cliff overlooking the ocean or some other particularly romantic setting. Whatever works for the two of you is fine.

If you and your spouse have been going through a difficult time and your partner doesn’t share your enthusiasm, it isn’t necessarily a sign that your marriage is in trouble. Sometimes during times of great difficulty, some people have trouble reaching deep into themselves and bringing forth their most honest and intimate feelings. Chances are if your spouse isn’t sharing your enthusiasm it is more likely that are afraid of not being able to express themselves as well as they would during times of decreased stress. However, they may not be able to articulate this. Insight tends to dwindle during times of stress as well.

Renewing your vows can be one of the most intimate and beautiful aspects of being married. For many couples it becomes more intimate than an anniversary, because of its clear intention of restating just how committed they are to the relationship. Naturally, some people choose to renew their vows on milestone anniversaries. This helps a couple stay focused on each other when life on the outside can be so demanding and so harsh. People need to find love and hope in each other. For many people, vow renewal is exactly the right prescription for centering themselves on the family again after a long time period or after high stress incidents.



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