Replacing Your Old Bras – They Don’t Last Forever

Honestly, when is the last time you bought yourself a new bra? Are you one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of women out there who are ‘making do,’ with haggard, non-elasticized support garments that look more fitted for scrubbing floors than they do supporting ‘the girls’ (the non-technical word for breasts)? Replacing your bras is a painstaking procedure – but is definitely something you should do for yourself!

A statistic reported in Time Magazine, which compiled research and information from many fashion experts in the field of lingerie (yes, there is such a thing) said that around 80% of all North American women are wearing the wrong bra. The wrong bra – meaning it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t help their figure, it is not giving you the support you need and hasn’t been replaced since you stopped breastfeeding. Even Oprah, the queen of daytime talk has launched several bra interventions on her program to try and encourage women to replace their bras. Or at least take bras serious. After all, they are the beginning and end to the finished look of all your clothes.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that since the Wonder Bra erupted in the market place back in early 2000, the world of under garments has changed. The right bra can make women look thinner overall, larger breasted and can even downplay the size of your boobs. In other words, no wonder what your boob insecurity is, having a proper bra fitting and finding the right bra will definitely be a turning point in your life. With the right bra, you can do anything! (Okay, so that’s a little over the top)

On a serious note, it is sort of sad and shameful that so many women under estimate the importance of their bras. Not only does this give a nod to how women feel about themselves, but also seems to signify just how far down the priority list many women make themselves these days. Your kids are walking around in $75 tennis shoes they are bound to outgrow in less than a year, and you are wearing a sports bra with a safety pin in the strap to hold up your breasts.

When it comes to a bra fitting, many people smirk at the thought. Years ago, (probably the last time you bought a bra) you simply went into a store like Wal-Mart and found your size. The same size you have been wearing since God knows when. A bra consultant for Victoria Secrets says that around 83% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra and would benefit from a real, bra fitting. A bra fitting, you say?

Today, most high-end boutiques and even department stores offer bra fitting services. Truth is, they are a fabulous way to find out what sort of bra you should be wearing. For those that are timid and couldn’t imagine an intimate bra fitting – relax! Bra fittings are extremely technical, and a consultant will not be judging you or freaking out about your lopsided nipples. Instead, bra fitters will help give you the tools you need to find a good bra for you, one that enhances your breasts based on your body size. Bra fitters can also help you find bras that are extremely comfortable, and that work with your lifestyle. And while you might walk away from a bra fitting completely in disbelief that you have had your size all wrong for so long – you will be glad you took the time to get fitted.

For many women, the matter of replacing your bras is a financial one. Bras aren’t cheap. In fact, on average – GOOD bras, cost around $25 a piece. That being said, good bras and likely the ones that you will be recommended to purchase at bra fittings can cost as much as $60. These costs are for utilitarian bras, meaning bras which aren’t meant to be overly sexy or worn strictly as lingerie. These utilitarian bras are the kind that you will wear every day. According to The Bra Fairy, a leading online bra marketplace, women buy around 7 bras per year. So considering that most women don’t replace their bras as they should, you shouldn’t feel bad to spend a hundred or more dollars on your bra. Especially since bras have a longer ‘shelf life,’ than other clothing articles, especially if care is taken during the washing and drying process. (Most bras do not have to be washed after every use.)

Bottom line, is you owe it to yourself to replace your bras. Sure, bras are not something that every one around you is going to notice on a daily basis. And no one but you might even see your bra. Even so, having a good fitting bra that makes you look your best is important. The older you get the more important it is that you find a bra that fits you and your lifestyle. Wearing old, tattered, faded and barely supportive bras is something that should be saved for when you are outside doing yard work, or housework. When you get dressed and are going to meet and greet the world, you should always put your best foot (boob) forward, which means replacing those old bras and finding bras that fit.



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