Reverent Choices: Honoring the Path from Stuckness to Inspired Action

Reverent Choices

When I think back on how miserable I was in my job, it’s so interesting to look at it from where I sit now. When I was in it, it was easy to blame the situation, circumstance, people, dynamic, everything for the discontent and dissatisfaction I was feeling. Blame, being the operative word here.

Really, the truth is, the conditions were fine. The circumstances were fine. The dynamics were normal. The unhappiness was within me. I was not living in a place of empowerment and reverence.

Somewhere within my psyche, my soul, my higher, authentic self, there was a knowing that where I was, what I was doing, how I was settling – was not enough for me, for my life, for the expansion I had called myself to in this life.

When you’re in the thick of things, it’s so easy to blame everything and everyone around you for the dissatisfaction you feel. You are not free. There is no peace.

When we ignore inner misalignment, over time it moves from inside of us to outside us. It can appear as broken relationships, career dissatisfaction and even health problems.

Discontent is an invitation to come into balance.

How do we move from this place to feeling powerful?

We must move. We must take some type of action.

This is where we can get tripped up. The natural human response is to want a carefully designed plan with all the steps laid out before us that will not only guide us safely to our destination, but also ensure there will be a huge payoff on the return of our investment.

For me, because this imaginary “plan” did not reveal itself. I had belief systems operating that told me I wasn’t smart enough, good enough, energetic enough, young enough, didn’t have money in the bank account that was enough, bla, bla, bla. I bought into the misbelief that I wasn’t enough and that no effort I would put forth was enough. I believed that effort was a requirement to being enough – and all of this was just a big misunderstanding.

Because of that, I did nothing.

We always have a choice. Once we feel clear and discover our inner compass, we tap into wonder and possibility.

When we buy into the story of not enoughness, we stay right where we are. It’s perceived safety smothered by feelings of despair, lack of fulfillment and dis-empowerment that comes from the inner critic inside our heads. Here is a place of giving up. A place of what I might call, death.

And, when this begins to fester inside our minds and our hearts, it then must manifest itself into our life in the form of imbalance in our health, our relationships, our careers, our finances. Like attracts like. It’s universal law.

Or we can choose to follow the inspiration of our hearts. We learn to trust our own inner truth.

Our internal guidance system nudges us as the polarity to our discontent. Our inner guidance system is the flicker of joy that is possible. It is the feeling of lightness of being uplifted of getting carried away.

If we allow ourselves to be led by our hearts and follow the wisdom of lightness, this act of self-love, self-trust and self-empowerment will lead to a sense of expansion, to the feeling of joy, fulfillment, aliveness and Love. This authentic connection will lead us out of the dark and into the light.

You can blame the president or the world. You can blame the company or your boss. You can blame your parents or your siblings or your spouse. You can live out again and again all the bad things and atrocities that have happened in your life placing your energy and your focus on the past and stay stuck in powerlessness continuing to blame people and circumstances outside of you.

Or you can give yourself permission to follow the illogical thread to your heart and reclaim your power.

You can remember that you are spiritual being on an epic human adventure and everything in your life is a set-up. A set-up for your growth, learning and evolution. A set-up FOR you, designed to follow the wisdom of your heart out of the confusion of the forest and into the flow of intention and abundance in the field.

It’s a sacred move and It’s up to you to make it first.

We are in a new world. We can stay stuck where we are trying to force the old ways into the new framework, or we can empower ourselves authentically with new perspectives, new tools and new ways of being. The choice is yours. Check in with your heart and follow its lead. It will show you the way to reveling your brilliance.

Donna Bond, M.A. is a spiritual life and business coach, author, and thought leader. After a 28-year long run as a corporate marketing executive who “had it all”, she decided to change course and get a master’s in Spiritual Psychology. Donna helps people to live with reverence by activating their entelechy – the fullest realized expression of who they came here to be, from the inside out. She and her husband, award-winning oil painter Paul Bond, live part time in Southern California and Costa Rica. You can learn more about her transformative 1:1 coaching, group classes, and workshops at  




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