Romantic Honeymoon Locations – Places to Pick From

If you asked your wedding planner or your colleague at work to recommend romantic honeymoon locations, they’d probably look at you in a strange way and say, ‘well, what kind of destination would appeal to you? I could give you my favorite romantic honeymoon location, but you may not agree.’”

Some men would probably say the Yankees Stadium in New York would be their top choice, while some women would pick a shopping area where is no tax to pay or a spa where they can have a facial every day.

It takes two to tango, and if Argentina tango night clubs don’t appeal to you, then that country could hardly be called a romantic honeymoon location for most, unless they’’re diehard tango fans. Very erotic dance by the way, tango is.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Our personal choice would be a place no matter in what country it is where we could play tennis, swim and go for long walks. We would pick a sportive honeymoon over all others simply because we can’t envision ourselves to be romantically looking at the sunset and collecting sea shells on the sea shore 10 hours a day.

If we were born with an ounce of a poetic nature, then we’’d probably choose a place that is inspiring and would motivate us to write poetry. We think the Canadian Rockies would be a sublime spot for poets but not everyone can digest rocks for long periods of time. And if you have a religious bent, then Lourdes in France would probably appeal to you. If you’re the intellectual type, we know of some universities around the world that could serve as a a ‘learning honeymoon’” site, if there was ever such a thing. They offer courses on Medieval History and Archeology if you enjoy these subjects complete with board and lodging plus daily excursions to historic places.

You don’t have to go honeymooning in the most popular destinations like Italy or Hawaii; some folks we know would rather take the road less travelled so that their honeymoon would be more in line with their temperaments and preferences.

Before we name some actual favorite destinations, we’’ll give you some tips on how to prepare for that idyllic honeymoon:

  • the honeymoon destination must be agreed upon mutually. Man and woman must have an equal chance to choose. How do you agree? The two of you must write down your top 3 choices for a honeymoon. Your choices will have to depend on your finances, the activities you want to engage in, and whether you prefer a hotel, a campsite, or be out in the wild;
  • once you’’ve narrowed down your choices, do your research. Your research must cover: weather and timing, visa and passport requirements, vaccinations, accommodations, Internet and phone service (you likely will not have access to emails if you choose a remote location), car rental, sightseeing options, equipment rental, and whether there are any specific travel advisories from the Department of Foreign Affairs;
  • make sure your credit cards are NOT maxed out and that they are accepted in the country you’re going to. You may want to have cash and travellers cheques as well in case you misplace your cards or your cash is stolen. You might want to consider doing a wire transfer in advance;
  • decide what clothes and footwear you will need. Make allowances for sudden drops in temperature or for extraordinarily hot days;
  • ask if bottled water is available. In this day and age, most countries have bottled water. The only reason we bring this up is you might be heading straight for the mountains where bottled water is more scarce.

Top Romantic Honeymoon Locations

These six romantic locations are not based on any scientific study or popularity polls. Because the choice of a honeymoon spot is a very personal affair, there will be some people who will not necessarily agree with these places as the ideal spot – either because of an unpleasant past experience or because they know of other places more enticing.

Panama – This place would appeal to beach lovers. Panama has stretches and stretches of white sandy beaches. If you get tired of one beach, you simply go to the next one. Weather is great, the US$ is the country’s currency. Many retirees and investors choose Panama because the cost of living is not prohibitive and the people are one of the warmest around. In fact, people who visit Panama want to remain and not go back to their country. Panama offers a very relaxed way of life. Good food too.

Jamaica – You wouldn’t think this tropical country has a vibrant night life but it does! And if you’re into forests, the greenery of the country is amazing. You can take a bamboo raft and explore caves and waterfalls. Check out Ocho Rios and join a plantation tour or blue mountain tour.

Bahamas – A place so close to the US but so different in character. it’s not a playground just for the super wealthy because it caters to as many budgets as possible. Explore any one of the country’s 700 islands. The beaches are magnificent. For eco-adventurers, the Bahamas should be on your list. Marine life is abundant.

Italy – Country brimming with love and music. If you two lovebirds are really into each other and want to explore a different angle of love or experience a unique romantic hideaway, then Italy is for you. Not only will it satisfy your romantic cravings, but it will also satisfy your palette and your love for fine wine. Two friends highly recommend Sorrento, a small city of about 16,000 inhabitants. Amalfi Drive is not to be missed, if you like to live ‘on the edge’” of the Mediterranean cliffs!

England and Ireland – And why not? London, England is by far one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and if you love theatre hopping and pub crawling, then England would be more than delighted to cater to you. If your bride likes to shop, Harrods is in London. While she’s busy spending your money, you may want to sneak off to Ireland for a relaxing round of golf. Some of the best Irish courses are around Dublin, by the way.

Monaco – If money is no object and you want to rub knees with the rich, you’ll want to jet over to Monaco and skip Beverly Hills for the time being. There used to be a saying that Monaco’s streets are paved in gold we don’t know if that’s true but the place certainly smells of phenomenal family fortunes. Plenty of celebrities come to live in Monaco to avoid the oppressive taxman in their countries; in Monaco you don’t get penalized for being loaded. Prefer ballet and the opera? No problem. Monaco’s Salle Garnier boasts of top of the line entertainment!

Okay, lovebirds, live and let live!



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