Romantic Movie List – Chick Flicks You Should Watch

What is the best way to spend a romantic evening with someone you admire? Whether it is your spouse of two decades or a new person in your life a romantic movie can really get things going in the right direction. Okay, so if you have been married for 20 years chances are you are way past romance….but at least popping in a romantic movie will keep the two of you laughing all the way to the bedroom! And hey, who doesn’t love a good love story from time to time? If you have been caught up in primetime thrillers and CNN as your nightly source of entertainment, there is a good chance that your life needs to dip on the softer side anyways! Why not choose one (or two) hits from this comprehensive romantic movie list!

And wait! Before you even consider that your manly man is too manly for a romantic movie check out this information. Apparently, Reuters well known for doing all sorts of psychological polls conducted one that was intent on providing whether chick flicks were just for chicks. The results. Well, suffice it to say that there are more than just a few guys who secretly like romantic movies just as much as the next girl’…ah guy! Oh, you get the point. Of course, the reasons may different. Perhaps men realize that by watching these reels with the women in their lives they will be seen as compassionate. And what better to preface a request to go to a bar and watch the fights with the guys, then the defense of, ‘babe you know I love you, I just watched The Notebook with you!’”

And yes, of course there is that little things that men probably while heartedly believe that watching a romantic movie with the gal in their life, might just heat things up between the two of you before it’s over. (And yes, this does work fellows!) Believe it or not, preparing for some romance and even sex, is definitely easier when prefaced with something romantic like Titanic rather than March Madness Basketball.

So who is up for a romantic movie especially one from this female compiled list of most romantic movies to watch on a date! Anyone?

The first few movies are pretty boring if you don’t recognize the love theme that underlies the whole theme. As mentioned before, The Notebook is definitely a must see. And there is nothing more exciting than a love story that surrounds the haves and have nots. Of course, the movie is a narration of the events and as always, love wins in the end.

Titanic rounds out at a firm number two spot on this list. Oh, come one people’.its a timeless classic and a story that even children know. What could be more amazing than a story of survival mixed with love? Of course, we all know how the real Titanic turned out. But love is far stronger than an unsinkable ship.

Another movie that makes the top of the most romantic movie list is Dirty Dancing. Listen, if you can get past some of the corny sayings and the ‘nobody puts my Baby in a corner,’” you will at least get schooled in how to really dance. This classic fairy tale will have you laughing and wishing that a man as bold and wild as Patrick Swayze would come sweep you off your feet. And for the guys, there are some great looking women in pretty clothes to keep your attention!

Gone with The Wind, while long and a bit dated is an epic love story. Set during the civil war, it is perhaps one of the most tantalizing love stories ever told. The relationship between Scarlett and Rhett Butler is one that millions of people can resonate with. Not marrying that one person who truly earned your heart and living a lifetime to regret it, is both sad and sweet. But it will at least likely land the two of you in a pretty entrenched make out session.

Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is yet another have not have more love story where love wins in the end. The characters in this flick are both interesting and there is plenty of humor to keep the men watching at half attention. Plus, the love scenes are pretty great and while they leave much to the imagination they are also pretty hot!

If you like old movies, then a must see romantic movie on your list should be Casablanca. Of course, in this one, things don’t turn out quite as planned, which makes it a great movie for anybody considering running away with the love of their life.

When Harry met Sally, is yet another amazing romantic flick that every couple should see together. And yes, Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm scene is something that every man should see. It will definitely bring them down a notch and make them question if all those grunts and groans in the bedroom are real, or not? Hmmm!

And there are plenty more. If you have kids in the house and want to be reminded of just how difficult and demanding divorce is, take a peak at Mrs. Doubtfire. Father of the Bride is another one that can get any man (or father to be) all tied up in knots! You also cannot underestimate the impact that a Message in a Bottle, Maid in Manhattan, Dying Young, Romancing the Stone, Sleeping with the Enemy, You’’ve got Mail, and of course Ghost can have on making two people feel the love! Truth is there are plenty more where that came from!

Perhaps the reason that romantic movie lists are so often watched is because the movies give us something that we can all relate to in one way or another. Yes, love is probably the most confusing of things and the most rewarding and the bottom line is that whether you are a man or a woman’.you just can’t get enough of it. Of course, if you really want to land Up Close and Personal (Yep, another movie), you might fair just as well renting a horror flick! Turn down the lights, toss the candles, grab a blanket and wait for the deadly shower or woods scene’…chances are the two of you will end up touching!



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