Romantic Ways to Propose – Ideas for Popping the Question

Everyone is searching for the most romantic way to propose, something that will stun their loved one and express the depth of their love without a single doubt in one mind blowing moment. Of course, everyone has a fear of rejection and the term romance means something different to everyone. Some people find a walk by the river at sunset romantic while other people think breakfast in bed is romantic. Finding a romantic way of proposing to your loved one can be so much more challenging than deciding to propose in the first place.

Deciding on a romantic method of proposing can really be determined by what your loved one believes is romantic. Sometimes, if you’re listening, they will even tell you what they think would be a romantic proposal. But if they haven’t clued you in yet, here are a few ideas. Some are more original than others.

This article is written on the basis of the male counterpart proposing to a woman, because despite the age of liberation women are achieving, this is still the most common proposal.

A word of caution. Proposing on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day can turn out very badly. It can be a lot of pressure for someone to be proposed to in front of family members and in a setting that is less than private. A “Yes” may really mean, “I don’t know what to say because this is a little too much.” There’s a chance of a ruined Christmas, which can make Christmas time thereafter hard for awhile.

However, placing a ring inside a beautifully wrapped box and presenting a no-occasion gift, complete with a candle lit dinner at home and flowers and a few special treats can be very romantic. Dental technicians will tell you the dangers of placing a ring in the food.

Proposing on a hot air balloon ride is one of my favorite stories of romantic proposals. A sunrise hot air balloon ride in late spring or early fall, with the mist lifting just below and the early morning dawn illuminating the sky can create the perfect backdrop for a heartfelt proposal.

Slipping a ring into your mouth before a kiss and gently passing it through the kiss can be received very warmly. Of course, don’t shove it into her mouth as you don’t want her to choke. But a soft and gently prodding across the kiss can give her a moment of bewilderment followed by that moment of sheer surprise.

While most women agree that being romantic is more about the emotion and the thought behind the actions, most women also agree that posting a proposal up on the sports screen at the football or basketball game is really not very romantic. Most women do report finding chivalry quite romantic, and would even give a resounding “Yes” to the proposal that begins with a serenade outside her window, even if you already live together. Those once upon a time happily ever after fairy tale romantic inclinations are making a solid comeback, thus proposing on horseback on a beach at sunset can really Wow the woman of your dreams.

When trying to think of romantic ways to propose, try to remember that the most romantic thing in the world is the way you feel about your potential partner. Words can be the most powerful attribute to a not so romantic guy’s proposal. Digging deep and really openly expressing yourself in your proposal matters more than the setting. If the words are right, it doesn’t matter if you propose in the grocery store or in the shower or on a sunset cruise to Miami. What matters is allowing her to see how deeply she affects you, how honestly you love her, and she will make you the happiest man on the planet if she will be your wife. What matters is that you took your time to speak from your heart and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable. Women find that incredibly romantic.

Finding romantic ways to propose can be the perfect combination of setting and style, but always always, it takes the right words. Men still get down on one knee, but it is more common for them to pour their heart out than simply asking a woman to marry them. Taking her away to a secluded place, allowing it to be her special moment, and paying attention to her can add to the romance. Women prefer quiet, intimate and private proposals to public displays. The greatest source of creativity comes from knowing your loved one and understanding what is special to them.



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