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Rules to achieve sustainable habit change

Having to change some of your negative habits to habits that are positive and sustainable may seem like a very long, complicated and stressful experience. This experience does not have to be complicated as is usually by many writers and lifestyle coaches, the following are some of the ways that you can adopt to achieve sustainable habit change.

Don’t set a time limit on habit change

Some people claim that they can make you change your habits in 21 days. This concept was developed by Dr. Maxwell Malts back in 1960 who realized that after plastic surgery on the face, it took the patients 21 days for the patients to see their new face. 21 days does not sound hard. Most people adopted this and applied to habit change, a theory that still baffles my mind.

More advanced research and studies have however shown that for change to be affected, it depends on the person. This is because not all people are the same and not all people have the same experiences with life. Some may take 21 days while others may take longer periods. The point is, don’t just think it’s going to take 21 days because this will create an unrealistic expectation which may cause you further stress when after this period you haven’t achieved your desired result.

Make a change in manageable steps

One thing that will make you fail even before you start is trying to do so much work and effort at once. This will cause stress and frustration which may trigger a reaction in your brain to quit. The part of the brain with this ability is known as Critter Brain, the main function is to ensure you stay alive and therefore whenever it senses change, it will make it difficult for you to actualize on this quest.

Its main disadvantage is the fact that it can only see the present and not the future and therefore sticking to the current is the safest plan. To achieve change, make sure that you take realistic steps and in small amounts without triggering the brain.

For instance, if you are used to smoking, instead of saying no smoking at all, reduce the amount of consumption, or you can even get cheap dry herb vaporizers for sale which will give you alternative ways of smoking and vaping that are less harmful than cigarettes.

Stop the “all or nothing” mentality

You should adopt a mentality of progress rather than assuming that since something seems unattainable, then there is no point in trying. For instance, if you want to give up the excess intake of sugar due to its effects such as inflammation leading to an increase in weight and autoimmune system, you should believe that you are going to give it up all at once. Instead look into where you consume the most sugar. If its breakfast, then make sure you make a simple change that will make you cut back on the sugar intake during breakfast. It’s not about perfection, and it’s about progress.

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