Cleaning and housework are two of our main necessities in life, but they always seem such a chore and a lot of effort. This doesn’t need to be the case because cleanliness and organisation can have such an amazing impact on not just your surroundings, but your mental and physical wellbeing as well. A cleaner home has been proven to boost your mood, relationships and even help with weight loss – who’d have thought it?

Here are five of the psychological benefits that cleaning has:

Reduces stress and depression

After a long and hard day at work the last thing you want is to come home to a messy and dirty house. Researchers at the Mental Health Foundation have discovered that having things to do, no matter what it is will cause your mood from declining in positivity throughout the day. Put some time aside in each day for the different tasks that you have to do, so that you are on top of the cleaning. You will feel a lot happier and more relaxed for doing this.

Increases productivity

It’s been said by researchers that clutter affects your ability to function properly. When things are untidy in your home it will overload your visual cortex, which then makes it difficult for your brain to process any information or focus on your task in hand. If you declutter your work desk you will be able to focus more, because you will have less to look at. Greater productivity means you will get more work done and finish your tasks in good time, allowing you to relax afterwards and/or more down time meaning you can exercise, cook healthy meals and get more sleep.

Helps you lose weight

This follows on from the last point; the more time that you have to yourself, then the easier you will find it to make healthy lifestyle choices such as eating right and exercise. With a more organised home, you will have more time to prepare healthy meals and not reach for those microwave meals or fast food restaurants. Following a healthy routine will take organisation and mindfulness; here are some tips from Chatelaine on getting yourself into a healthy routine.

Boosts relationships

Positive relationships with friends and family are the key to a very happy life, and having a messy house can have a huge effect on this too. You need to be honest and upfront with those who you live with if they are not pulling their weight with the chores or housework, because it will be the source of aggravation and bad feelings.

Having an untidy home can make you feel ashamed, and prevent you from wanting visitors, therefore causing you more upset and provoking the feeling of isolation. Why not plan a weekly dinner with family or friends so that you are forced to keep the house clean? If you don’t have the time to fit cleaning into your busy schedule, then why not get a cleaner?

Better sleep

Living in a clean and de-cluttered house will allow you to sleep much better. Keep your bed tidy and away from clothes. If you are doing household tasks throughout the day, it is less likely that you will be running around trying to get them all done before bed. Get them done before bedtime, and then when it’s time to hit the hay you’ll be out like a light.


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