Selecting Dog Shampoo – Improving the Look of Your Dogs Coat

Selecting dog shampoo can really make a human feel good about the care they give their dog. Roaming through the aisles and sniffing the bottles you sneak open trying to find a pleasurable scent, all in the name of caring for your dog. Designer shampoo can make you feel as though you’re taking extra special care of your dog. With all the marketing techniques, the natural product lines, and the name brand lines all market to your sense of care and concern for your dog’s best interest. You want to take care of him in very special ways. Just as you carefully select his dog food, his toys, and his favorite pillow, you’re concerned about providing the best in shampoo for him. However, looking at the various types of shampoos on the shelf, what is one supposed to think about selecting the very best.

First, look carefully at your dog. Feel his coat. Is it shiny? Is it dull? When you scratch him thoroughly do you get his skin cells under your fingernails? How often does he scratch himself? Is he prone to allergies? Determining what is going on with your pooch is the first step in providing him the best shampoo for his needs. Since all dogs are unique, there isn’t one single best shampoo option out there.

Dogs with dry skin and dogs with allergies are likely to scratch just as much, regardless of which one plagues them. In some circumstances, the dog is suffering from a combination of both dry skin and allergies. If your dog has dry skin, you will have the urge to clean out form under your fingernails after scratching him. On dark surfaces, he may even leave behind flakes of doggie dandruff. It’s not very pleasant, but it is part of the package sometimes. Dogs like this often benefit from a specialty shampoo, since washing their fur strips away a lot of their essential oils and dries them out further. Some dogs actually require the use of a conditioner as well. A conditioner for dogs is designed to replace the essential oils that you just removed from the bath, often with a base of oatmeal. Oatmeal shampoos and conditioners are highly recommended for dogs with dry skin problems.

Even if your dog has dry skin, try to assess the situation and give him your best educated guess regarding the possibilities of allergies. While some allergies will go undetected unless a veterinarian checks them out thoroughly, some allergies can be detected by lay human’s eye. Start under his chin. Dogs with allergies tend to rub the bottom of their face a lot, after all, this is one part of their body that comes in contact with allergens on a regular basis that is easy for him to reach and relieve. Redness, cracking and crazing, small bloody spots or tiny scabs, and inflammation along the bottom of his chin can indicate allergies. Take a peek inside his ears. Small, sensitive to the touch bumps can also indicate allergies, especially in dogs who have floppy ears. Patches of redness and even remnants of blood along the paws, flaring of the belly, and slight swelling of the genitals can indicate allergic reactions.

Dogs who have the basic signs of allergies benefit from shampoos for either dry skin or for those with skin allergies. Not all markets carry shampoos for skin allergies, and in a pinch, dry skin shampoo should help. If your dog seems to be in increased discomfort after a bath, scratching himself to oblivion, follow his shampooing with an oatmeal conditioner whether he has dry skin, allergies, both, or neither.

All shampoo is going to try to appeal to your sense of smell. After all, the main reason we go through the hassle of bathing our pups is because they stink. Replacing his hard earned dog aroma with something more pleasant is a natural desire. When selecting a dog shampoo, try to avoid shampoos that are too heavy on the perfume. This will not only encourage your dog to try to roll the scent off his body, but it often leaves him oily in an unnatural way.

Dog shampoos that are made from more natural ingredients are best. While many 100% organic products may fail in getting your dog completely clean, natural care lines are usually crafted with an eye toward being as gentle as possible to your dog’s fur and skin.

For pups with dull, almost lacking coats, you can purchase shampoos and conditioners to help restore shine and even volume. Increasing protein (especially salmon) in his diet while using these shampoos and conditioners can help save a ravaged coat.

No matter what type of shampoo you select, over washing your dog will lead to dry skin, even if his skin seems healthy to start with. Using gentle products once every three to four weeks will keep him clean while sparing his coat and skin, and not to mention your nerves, the excess often associated with over bathing.

Take your time when you are trying to select a dog shampoo. Read labels, compare what the shampoos and conditioners offer versus what your dogs skin and coat really need. In most cases, you will be able to find the perfect shampoo that is gentle on your pup. If you purchase a shampoo that doesn’t live up to its promises, avoid continued use just because you purchased it. You can either return it to the store or just move on and buy something else. Once you find that you have succeeded in selecting a dog shampoo that works perfectly for both of you, you probably won’t stray from it unless his needs change.



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