Selecting Paint for the Master Bedroom

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite place to be. Is it the seashore? Do you envision yourself in the mountains? Or are you in a canyon standing on the precipice of red desert rock? When selecting paint for the master bedroom, you want it to be personal. The bedroom is your sanctuary. It is where you put your day behind you and surrender to calm and relaxation. The more inviting your master bedroom, the better sleep you will get. And with today’s hectic pace, there’s no better way to capture serenity than to envelop yourself in a room reminiscent of your favorite place. So, how do you go about selecting that perfect paint color.

Think about that place you went to when you closed your eyes. If you imagined the seashore, consider the neutral tones of the sand and the pale blue of the sky. Imagine resting your head on your pillow among the clear bluish-green of the ocean. Do the mountains beckon you with their crisp greens and strong, slate blues? Do you revel in the wonder of the mountain laurel in clean white, pale pink or vibrant fuchsia? Did you visit the Grand Canyon with its purple and orange sunsets and earthy tones of terra cotta? The colors in nature can be recreated in your bedroom. Look at pictures of your favorite place and consider the colors. Make this your starting point. Explore the world of nature and be daring in your adventures!

Now consider the colors in your bedding, upholstery, rugs and window treatments. Take cues from there. Sometimes the most successful room color comes from the smallest, most subtle color in your room. Putting this color on your walls brings it to the forefront and makes for a great complementary or contrasting effect. This will bring the color out from the source, be it your comforter, your curtains or rug. It creates balance in the bedroom, making it a cohesive space.

If you are decorating the bedroom from scratch, don’t let starting with a blank slate intimidate you. Sometimes, this is the easiest starting point when selecting paint for the master bedroom. Think about your favorite color and try variations of tone. Consider what atmosphere you wish to achieve in the bedroom. Do you want the cool sophistication of modern? Are you looking for a soft, tranquil retreat? Do you envision a room of traditional, warm elegance? Do you want your bedroom to embody the elements of an island oasis? Once you’ve established your perfect idea of a bedroom, choose the bedding or window treatments. Take your color cues from these fabrics. Many paint stores even offer custom color mixing. Take a swatch of fabric, a pillow or other accessory and have it matched perfectly.

Modern bedrooms look best with neutral colors, such as warm beige. Gray is a growing trend in interior colors. Green is always in style, no matter what your design preference. A muted moss green works great with the steel and chrome of modern style, or with the rich woods of traditional design. In fact, any color derived from nature makes a great choice in the bedroom. Neutral, sophisticated, warm or cool – the colors of nature answer the call.

If you just cannot decide, there is nothing wrong with painting the bedroom white or beige. This works especially well in bedrooms with antiques or artwork, allowing the objects to take center stage. And white or beige fit into any design scheme or style, be it minimalist modern, cool contemporary or tried and true traditional. Many paint manufacturers now offer two- or four-ounce jars that you can purchase and take home to test on your walls. Most of these samples cost less than five dollars, so test a few. Observe the paint at different times of day to see how the light will affect the color. This is a great way to narrow your choice and make an informed decision on color.

The type of paint you choose is a crucial decision. Select high quality paint. Quality paint generally contains a higher concentration of pigment than lower quality paints, which can contain a high volume of water or solvents. Check the label or ask a store associate. They can point out the better brands and help with your selection. With high quality paint you won’t have to apply two or three coats. Latex is the definitive choice and is the most common. It dries fast, is environmentally friendly and clean up is a snap with just soap and water.

Think about finish as well. Eggshell finish is great for bedroom walls. It looks great and wears well. However, it does have a down side. It can show imperfections in the wall, so it’s important to start with a smooth surface. Gloss or semi-gloss on trim makes it stand out and easier to clean. If most of the time you spend in the master bedroom is at night with soft lighting, gloss paint would take on a very nice glow. And don’t forget the ceiling! Flat or eggshell is preferred for ceilings as are light colors. Light colors make the ceiling appear higher. If you want the room to feel cozier, bring the ceiling down visually by applying a darker shade of the wall color.

Colors evoke emotional response as well. Venture back to the beach. Think how soothing and airy a bedroom would be with a background of soft blue. Blue is calming and relaxing. Hear waves crash with a lovely bluish-green. Green is a great choice because it is restful and associated so deeply with nature. Return to the mountains. Imagine cool green walls with bright white trim. Capture the mountain with slate blue walls and creamy off-white trim. Stand atop a canyon. Envision rich terra cotta walls with pale blush trim or buttery yellow with white trim. The right shade of terra cotta is soft and warm. Yellow is warm and versatile. Go with neutrals and be free to change the bedding and accessories anytime. Neutrals are sophisticated, clean and calming.

Whether you choose blue, green, white or purple; make selecting paint for the master bedroom personal. This is your space. Make it about you. And the great thing about paint is that you can always change it! So, grab those rollers and brushes and make your dreams come true in a master bedroom that is fresh and unique….a bedroom that is yours to enjoy.



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