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Selling Your Home Soon? Take Care of These Repairs/Renovations In Advance

Selling a home can be a stressful time and this stress multiplies if a problem is found during the home inspection. At the time of selling a homeowner should be thinking about getting a fair price and maximizing the return on their investment. This will take maintenance and the upgrading of the home can add value to the home as well as help avoid any huge repairs/improvements. Doing these improvements or renovations a few years in advance can add value to the home while you get to enjoy them for a few years. Understanding what buyers want is important as certain improvements/renovations are not as desirable as others. Finding this knowledge should be done online or by calling a real estate professional before doing any work on the home. The following are home improvements and renovations that can add value as well as save you a headache if done in advance when selling your home.

Replacing an Older Roof

Older roofs that have leaks can lead to a myriad of problems like water damage as well as mold. Most people do not realize mold has to be removed by professionals and this can cost quite a bit of money. The reason mold needs to be removed by a professional is that it can be immensely dangerous to handle without the appropriate equipment. Replacing an older roof can eliminate these issues as well as offer a perk of a warranty to those purchasing the home. Any inspector will note if a roof needs to be replaced or is close to needing a replacement as this can be an immense cost. A reputable company like Guardian Roofing that offers Houston commercial roofing notes on their website “For over seven years, we have built, repaired, and installed a wide-variety of residential and commercial roofing projects in and around Houston, TX.” Picking a company that prides itself on quality and has for years will be the company you want to enlist for help.

Carpet Must Go

Flooring is immensely important and carpet takes quite a bit to maintain especially if you have pets/children. Tile flooring that looks like wood has become increasingly popular as tile is easy to maintain while wood is a classic yet popular flooring option. There are plenty of renovation calculators that can give a homeowner a much better idea of what this type of project will cost. Square footage matters as well as what type of flooring that you select. Make sure to save some extra cash for this project as nobody wants a flooring project incomplete as this results in a home having an unfinished feel.

A Pool Can Be A Great Addition In Warmer Climates

A pool is the dream for many people living or moving to a new location with warm climate. In colder areas of the country a pool can be a cost that does not have much payoff as there is only a month that the pool can be used. This differs for heated pools but keeping an outdoor pool heated during the winter is going to result in the monthly electrical bill being astronomical. Florida is the perfect example of a climate that can be perfect for a pool as it rarely gets cold and almost never snows. Pool maintenance is something you need to keep in mind as well as this can range from $60 to $300 depending on the size of the pool/area you live in.

Maintain Your AC As You Don’t Want To Replace It Before Selling

The air conditioning unit needs to have maintenance done a few times per year. Usually homeowners do this when a season changes as the AC is used far more in the summer than the winter. Depending on the size of your home you might need multiple units which can be an immense expense. Keep your units running at optimum levels so they can pass inspection so you can have the upper hand in negotiating the sale of your home. Taking a look at the right AC company is important as some might only be trying to upcharge you rather than help you avoid repairs.

Outdoor Deck For Entertaining/Grilling

The ability to entertain and host company outside can be a huge advantage if cleanup is the largest drawback of being a host. The ability to have guests outside for a cookout allows for paper plates to be used thus eliminating the need to wash dishes. People that love to entertain will see this outdoor space as the perfect opportunity to do so. Other people might like to sit out on their deck with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night. Ensure quality by picking a reputable contractor that is insured as well as licensed to work in the state.

Taking care of the above improvements/maintenance can reduce or eliminate your stress during the selling process. Control the selling process by giving potential buyers no room for negotiation after the home inspection is done.

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