Set Up Your Home Bar With These 5 Tips

Trendy bars and popular clubs can provide excitement and adventure, but sometimes you and your loved ones might prefer to drink without going to public spaces. A home bar allows you to enjoy drinks and entertain company without stepping a foot outside. The following tips can help you successfully set up your own personal bar.

1. Know the Drinks

If you want to recreate an authentic bar experience, then you should know more about the product you will be serving. For instance, you will need to differentiate between brewed alcohol and spirits, as well as know the roles that base liquor, liqueur and wine play when creating cocktails. If you are truly new to this practice, start with drinks you know by heart and enjoy the most. Once you have gained experience and confidence, you can learn more drink recipes and experiment with new combinations.

2. Obtain the Basic Tools

Just as with any great project, you will need the right equipment to succeed. Unlike your drink collection, you only need basic tools such as a bar spoon, a jigger, a shaker and a strainer. As for the glassware, wine glasses are the most versatile since they are space-efficient and can be used for non-alcoholic drinks. Other glasses to add to your collection include rocks, coups, Collins and pints.

3. Plan Your Space

Selecting and planning the location is essential for creating the perfect bar space. You might want to choose a more sociable spot such as near the kitchen, the dining room or the living room. As you measure the area, consider where you will place the drinks, equipment and glassware, as well as how the furniture can complement the current look. Finally, ensure this location is cool and dark since sunlight and heat can affect the quality and taste of the contents via chemical reactions such as evaporation and oxidation.

4. Have Ice Available

Ice is a prominent element in most bars that you and others may overlook at first. After all, you need ice cubes to chill the glasses, mix in the shaker and add to the drink once it is ready. Invest in some ice trays to create fresh, high-quality batches instead of just purchasing bags from the store. If you lack a dedicated space for ice, keep it in bags so it does not pick up unappealing food aromas.

5. Remember the Garnishes

Nothing finishes off a drink in style more than a strong garnish. Not only does it add a visual flair to a drink, but it can also enhance the flavor and smell. Citrus fruits such as limes, lemons and oranges are the most common choices, but you can also apply spices (cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg) and herbs (mint, basil and sage) to add some variety. You can even use common kitchen supplies such as sugar, salt, hot sauce and olives to further enhance the cocktails.

Maintaining a house bar can be an efficient way to enjoy the benefits of these places and impress friends and family. Obtain the best supplies around and seek out advice so you can enjoy an ideal bar from the comfort of your home.



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