Shopping for Clothes When You are Pregnant

Just the thought of shopping for clothes when you are pregnant is enough to send the sanest of women into a panic attack. Oh, in the beginning it is all bows and ribbons as you imagine how cute you are going to look wearing all those star studded maternity outfits. The little a-line dresses that reveal your still slender legs and the sleeveless tops that flow just right, giving way to that perfectly round basketball of a belly that you is growing by the minute. Yeah right! Then reality sets in and you realize that maternity clothes aren’t unlike other styles that are sized too small and don’t take into account the fact few people are a size 6 regularly or during pregnancy. When you get to purchasing the XL pregnancy gear and they too don’t fit, hubby needs to prepare for the overwhelming emotions that result from feeling like a beached whale doomed to wearing men’s clothes for the rest of her life (or at least the until delivery.)

Seasoned moms will tell you that they started out exactly the same. Browsing the maternity aisle just itching to start purchasing tons of maternity clothes, once you pass the first trimester of course. After all, even women who aren’t superstitious become so during pregnancy and we all know buying maternity clothes too early is bad news! Sadly, many of us need them already. Then at week 13, you grab some adorable cropped jeans with the adjustable elastic waistline that will hide under the flirty floral top. In the dressing room it fits but you realize it won’t fit for long especially if you continue to grow. You check and recheck the size. Medium? No way!

Maybe this is why the plus size department is situated so close to the maternity section; so when the cute outfits no longer cut the mustard, you can find a moo-moo instead. Realize too that designers and stores know you will spend more on maternity clothes than you did on your normal clothes, thus the double price for jeans. Seems to make sense that a zipper, button, belt loops and back pockets would cost more to make than the jeans sold for pregnant woman so why they suddenly cost so much more is sheer evidence that you are being taken advantage of for your momentary vulnerability. This doesn’t end until your child starts school so get used to it!

Shopping for clothes while you are pregnant can be hazardous to your health. The last thing you want to hear is practical advice; after all you are still convinced you will be adorable. Once your nose spreads, your feet flatten, your arms and legs swell you will look back on this advice and realize it was right. However, if you are one of those women who look incredibly ‘modelicious’” while pregnant go ahead and skip to the last paragraph, or better yet just far away from the rest of us normal and bloated pregnant woman.

  • Find at least one pair of jeans you are comfortable in and buy them bigger than you need. These are your ‘wear out’” pants because they WILL bother you around the belly and make you have to pee more often from the binding fabric. All you need is one pair.
  • Decide that men’s sweatpants are far more comfortable than woman’s and buy some in every color with matching sweatshirts. You can wear sweatshirts without a bra and after delivery you can give them to your husband (no wasted money here).
  • don’t buy shirts that have arrows pointing toward your belly or say stupid little sayings like ‘bread in oven.’” Not cute.
  • Make sure you keep up with your hair. This is one thing that gets better during pregnancy and most doctors consider it safe to highlight etc.
  • don’t try to wear heels or stupid sandals. If you fall down, you can get hurt and comfortable shoes can save your back.
  • don’t count out plus size clothing rather than maternity clothes. They are less expensive and often feel better when you are pregnant.
  • Avoid spending a fortune. Buy a few practical pieces that you can wear when you need to look good.
  • If you are a working mom to be, buy stretch pants and nice tops that you piece together. don’t over indulge your wardrobe thinking about ‘next time’” chances are you will need bigger maternity clothes during subsequent pregnancies.
  • While shopping for clothes when pregnant FORGET SIZES. Go with what fits and cut out tags if you need to.
  • Buy second hand. You can find great bargains on maternity clothes in thrift shops or second hand stores.
  • don’t ask your husband if something looks good.
  • As for bras and panties cotton and comfortable. Once the baby is born you will need to rethink bra sizes, so don’t spend a fortune stocking your lingerie drawer especially if you are nursing.
  • Speaking of lingerie YOU MUST HAVE ONE FANTASTIC PIECE OF MATERNITY LINGERIE just to remind yourself and your dad to be, how hot you are!
  • Last but not least, enjoy these changes and embrace your new body and the clothes that fit it.

There comes a point in the third trimester where shopping for maternity clothes becomes boring and frustrating. This is a good time in your life and you will swiftly find that it is more fun to buy cute outfits and adorable clothes for your newborn. Remember, that after you give birth wearing flowing tops or other ‘maternity like’” clothes will only ask for trouble. Many stupid people will ask you when you are due, making you feel bad. You will bounce back to regular clothes at some point and the real accomplishment is realizing how amazing your body is no matter what size you are and finding clothes that make you feel good.



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