Should you Replace Lenses for Old Frames or Buy Completely New Glasses?

This is an agelong debate among eyeglass enthusiasts, whether it’s best to replace lenses or opt for new glasses in their entirety. Due to the vital role glasses play in our lives, we can become fond of it. That’s why you cannot let go of glasses you’ve worn for years, which is actually not ideal.

You love the fitting of the glasses on your face; you find everything perfect. This will usually make it difficult to let go. That’s why many are caught in the web of either replacing lenses or buying new glasses.

In this piece, we will help settle the score from the angle of the pros and cons of these two options. This will help you make a choice on which is best for you.

What Are The Reasons To Replace Lenses For Old Frames?

It’s common knowledge that you can change your lens without replacing the frame. Nowadays, the option of lens replacement is growing in popularity and acceptance; you can check here for eyeglass lens replacement online. Since eyeglasses are mostly made out of plastics, you can always change the lens.

That said, let’s look at the pros of replacing lenses for old frames;

1. It is Cheaper To Replace Lenses

This is usually the number one argument of those who support lens replacements. Since the frames are the most expensive parts of prescription glass, changing only the lens seems cost-effective.

By replacing lenses, you are saving your eye health and helping your wallet. Prescription glasses are not cheap and could leave a huge dent in your pocket.

2. Being Able to Stick To Your Favorite Frame

Aside from the expensive cost of buying a new prescription glass, some sentimental value is also attached to your old frame. If the existing frame is still in good condition, you can always use it.

However, if the frames are damaged or worn out, then you will need a new frame irrespective of how much love you have for it. This is the way to bring your old glasses back to life.

3. Get The Latest Eyewear Without Breaking The Bank

You don’t have to be buying new glasses every year, so far your frame is still in good shape. There’s no need to throw anything away, you can simply replace and bring your glasses back to life.

There’s always going to be new eyewear technologies and trends to try out. With your old frames, you can try them out without breaking the bank.

Why You Should Buy Completely New Glasses

As much as you will not want to be buying new glasses every year, situation might warrant it. The following are reasons why you may have to buy complete set of glasses;

1. Being Able to Choose From The Latest Frames and Technologies Available

There’s a likelihood that both your old frame and lenses are outdated. This means that neither of it is serving the purposes they are intended for. In such scenario, the ideal option would be to buy a complete set of glasses.

With a completely new glasses, you can get the latest lens technology and even frames. Don’t allow cost to deprive you of greater value.

2. Ability To Consider Numerous Frame Options

Glasses are not just to correct vision; they are also fashion accessories. This is why you cannot allow yourself to be stuck with the same ones for too long. Since your optometrist will ensure you get the best lenses, the onus falls on you to choose the best frame for you.

Remember that fashion accessories are trends, they come and go. There’s a possibility that your frame from three years ago is now out of vogue. This is why you should take the chance you have now to consider numerous frame options.

3. Choosing From a Variety of Lens Options

Consider it as an opportunity for your vision to be completely overhauled. This is why you should look at the lenses available from the angle of their pros and cons and how it improves your vision.

Your optometrist will present you with a variety of lens options and will advice you on which is best for you. Look at as many lenses as possible, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Final Thoughts

The decision to either replace your lenses or buy a complete set of eyeglasses is yours to make. We can only present the facts as we’ve done. Irrespective of your final choice, ensure that it is in the bets interest of your eye health.

Nonetheless, ensure you visit your eye doctor to examine your eyes before choosing. Arm yourself with your updated prescription before ordering either a complete glass or the frame.



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