Signs that you are Pregnant

There seems to be a great divide among women. Some know their bodies so well that they can almost feel different the day of conception, while others can miss a period and go several weeks before every realizing that they may be pregnant. Sadly, if you are dying to be pregnant the signs of pregnancy can be psychosomatic and the more you read about the signs the more of them you will feel. Then when your monthly visitor comes, you are ravished with disappointment.

There is not one tell tale sign that you are pregnant. Until you take a pregnancy test or have it confirmed by a doctor, you may not really know anything for absolute certainty. Still, there is one sign of intuition that should never be ignored and is normally more accurate than any other test you may put yourself through. Pregnancy is a life and body changing experience that disrupts so many levels of a woman’s existence that there is a good chance a woman will know if they are paying close attention to their bodies. It is a nagging sensation that something seems out of balance or out of line and that although you can’t put your finger on it, something is different!

The first sign of pregnancy for many is nausea and dare it be called morning sickness. The problem is that there are just as many women who experience sickness in the afternoon or evening as there is who do in the morning. The nauseous feeling can come from extreme hunger or the sudden hatred for certain smells. You may or may not throw up and you may spend a few days wondering if you have caught a stomach bug. Sometimes the nausea is more of a sensation and you may wish you could throw up only to find that you never do.

Another tell tale sign that you are pregnant can be hunger. Many women experience a peak in hunger right before their period. Pregnancy hunger is more of an insatiable hunger and can include cravings for salt, vinegar and of course sweets.

Changes in bowel movements, also common with premenstrual syndrome are usually more pronounced in early pregnancy. They can ebb and flow between constipation and otherwise and also feel as though you have picked up a stomach flu. Bloating and overall feeling of just feeling thicker around the belly button and above the hairline can also be signs that you are pregnant. Although your pants won’t be tighter, there is just an awareness that a little something is different in that area.

Probably the biggest sign of very early pregnancy besides a missed period is exhaustion. During this phase of pregnancy, your body is working very hard and it is normal to just suddenly feel very tired throughout the day. Where you could normally accomplish 50 things, now you might fall asleep while sitting at your desk or while watching your favorite show. You just feel extremely tired and it is the kind of tired that makes you want to sleep, not just rest. This too will subside after the early weeks are over and it is healthiest to pay attention to this need.

Many women experience spotting as a sign of pregnancy. You may spot around the time of conception or a few days before your period is due. This is very common and shouldn’t be considered a sign of impending doom. In fact, at the moment of conception, there is blood released from the sperm penetrating the egg and although it may not be noticeable, it can often be felt as twinges of pain or produce a minimal amount of blood. Interestingly, you may also feel an increased urge for sexual activity in the beginning and having sex may feel different as the cervix may be inflamed. If you are really daring you can do a self-exam to look at you cervix with a mirror and if you see that it is bluish, you can pretty much assume that you are pregnant.

Obviously, the best way to know for sure is to invest in some sort of pregnancy test. If the line is pink or the word yes shows up than you know that you aren’t imagining things. Women just know these things and most feel that something is off or not right in their bodies. After your first pregnancy, you will become even more adept at noticing the signs that you are pregnant and will likely know you are even while you are driving to the drug store to buy a test. Listen to your intuition, as there is a reason that you have it. Your body begins changing from the moment of conception and it is in your best interest to know for sure as soon as possible so that you can begin taking better care of yourself and taking prenatal vitamins to ensure early fetal development is given the best care.



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