Silence Evokes Transcendence

Silence Evokes Transcendence

How To Elevate The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is fully balanced and engaged when we transcend, and our senses go beyond the normal level of physical existence. A component that can help create this is silence. Finding silence in our modern world is almost impossible. Even as I write these words my email dings, a motorcycle zooms by, a lawn mower roars outside, and even when it’s quiet my AC hums softly. I’m not bothered by these sounds. They’re part of life, and life is good.

But I did find it once. It wasn’t my goal. I just stumbled upon it, and it was amazing. I was on a remote part of an Alaskan mountain in August, and all the bears were in the valley fishing. With my biggest threat far below me in the streams, I felt relaxed and invulnerable. I sat down to rest on a grassy plateau. At this altitude there were no trees or bushes, with few low-growing plants.

I leaned up against an inviting rock and tipped my head back to soak up the sun. Within moments my body settled into stillness, and I began to experience pure silence, an almost indescribable sensation. My world around me became transfixed. My thoughts were very clear. The emotion I was experiencing was flawless peace. Though my body ached from the hike, I felt light. Problems waited for me back home, yet I felt no angst.

My encounter with silence wasn’t that of basic nothingness. On the contrary, it was a wave of nothing and everything all at once. My eardrums and muscles in my ears felt like they were resting! There was nothing to hear, yet I could sense the sound of completeness. Or was it the echoes of vibrations from the Universe, pulsing its wisdom and wholeness from every direction?

Whatever it was, this tranquil sound of nothing and everything all at once felt marvelous, euphoric, enlightening, powerful, gentle, nurturing, peaceful. I cannot find the perfect adjective for what I experienced! What if everyone could feel this expansive nothingness filled with everything? How much worldwide peace could it spark?

There’s another word that comes to mind when I remember this silence. Celestial. Celestial silence is something that stems from Divine Energy. Divine Energy is Love Energy. This silence I experienced—was it Love Energy at its purest? Love Energy (or White Light) is always around us, regardless of the environment or situation we are in. But in my moment on the mountain there were no distractions, allowing Love Energy to appear so obvious to me. In my moment of complete silence, I felt myself in that spot and only that spot with no intrusions, no disturbances.

It was the epitome of living in the moment and allowing Love Energy to fill me completely. The most profound part of my experience was simply the sensation of my problems lifting off me to the degree that joy easily flooded into my body, into my awareness. Not only was everything alright. It was magical!

Now, you’re thinking you want some of this magic but booking a trip to one of the purest places on the planet and leaving your hectic life behind seems just a bit out of reach. I hear you! I would love to go back to this moment, but life hasn’t thrown me that option since then. But having micro-moments of silence are just as powerful when you’re trying to bring balance to your Crown Chakra.

Tips to transcend into the space of Silence.

  1. Turn off devices, move yourself far from electronics, EMF’s, distractions.
  2. Noise cancelling head phones are very helpful
  3. Let your breathing become slow, deep, unregulated
  4. Using visualization, bring your awareness/mind’s eye to a beautiful, happy place based solely in nature. Nature is key for this experience.
  5. Once calmness sets in, bring your awareness to a space of only three feet around you.
  6. Focus on the sound of nothingness as it morphs into completeness. Let unwanted thoughts come and go without judgement.
  7. Move your visualization to Divine Energy. Sense being surrounded by White Light. Breath in White Light. Feel your energy merge with White Light Energy.
  8. Enjoy the experience. It’s yours for the taking always.

Jennifer Merritts is a Spiritual Awareness Coach, Professional Life Coach, Integrative Health Coach, Master Chakra Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher, and is trained in Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Sound Healing, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Advanced Radiant Healing Light. She has locations in Northern VA and Delaware. For more information visit




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