Simple Safety: 4 Unobtrusive Home Security Options

Keeping your home safe and secure is a top priority for homeowners. You want to ensure that you have systems in place to keep you, your family and your belongings safe. Nowadays, there is a range of security options to choose from ranging from the tried and tested to the technologically advanced. These security measures are designed to be subtle and fit seamlessly with your home’s overall look and style. 

Modern-day security options are highly effective at keeping your home protected. You can monitor alarm systems remotely and connect your system directly to the local police station so they can respond if the alarm is triggered. CCTV cameras are more advanced than ever before, offering a high-quality picture in real-time and features infrared technology that allows them to capture footage in complete darkness. These technologies and more have helped homeowners to keep their homes safe and protected without turning their home into Fort Knox. 

Let’s take a look at four unobtrusive security options that you can install in your home to keep your property safe and secure. 

CCTV Cameras

CCTV installation doesn’t take long to complete, and having cameras on your property is a huge deterrent for criminals. Modern CCTV cameras are small and unobtrusive, making them easy to install anywhere on your home without spoiling the aesthetic. CCTV cameras not only help to deter criminals but if there is a break-in or an incident at your home, you will have the evidence that you need to prosecute and convict. 

Wireless Security Systems

Comprising a number of wireless sensors on your doors and windows, as well as optional motion sensors and a central control box, wireless security systems are sleek and designed to fit seamlessly into your home. With virtually no wiring required, these systems can be fitted very quickly, allowing you to significantly bolster your home security with ease. Most modern systems can be monitored remotely, allowing you to keep an eye on your property no matter where you are from an app on your phone. 

Security Lights

From garden lights to soft pathway lighting to strong overhead spotlights, there is a range of security lights that you can choose from. Motion sensor security lighting is a discrete yet highly effective way of keeping your home safe. When the lights are triggered, criminals will typically move onto the next property where they cannot easily be detected. If a security light is triggered, it not only alerts you that there is some movement outside but it will alert your neighbours too making security lights even more effective. 

Doorbell Camera

Modern doorbells can be equipped with a camera that you can access from your device from wherever you are. Knowing who is at the door when you are at home can help to put your mind at ease if the doorbell rings and you aren’t expecting anyone. It can also be useful if you are away from home and want to know who was at your front door. Installing a doorbell with a camera that can be monitored remotely is an excellent way to keep an eye on who is coming and going from your home. 

Install The Security Solutions That Best Suit Your Needs

The security options you choose for your home will be determined by your budget, the location of your home and how you want to protect your home. While some homeowners will use an alarm system exclusively, other homeowners will use a combination of different options to keep their home protected. Choose a system that works for you, and that will provide you with the peace of mind that your home is always as safe and secure as possible. 

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