Small Dog Breeds – Selecting Purebred Puppies

When deciding what type of dog to add to your family, remember this: Size DOES matter! If you live in a tiny house with no yard, then a Great Dane isn’t the right choice. When deciding what size dog is right for your family, you need to consider your lifestyle, the ages of your children, how much activity the dog will be able to get and what other pets are in your home.

For many, such as those who live in a city or in an apartment, a large dog may not work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect canine companion. There are many wonderful breeds of small dogs, and there are benefits not found in their larger canine cousins. The cost of care is less as they do not eat as much are the larger breeds. While training is still important, a small dog is much easier to control. They require a much smaller play area which is why, as mentioned earlier, they make a great choice for city or apartment dwellers. There are small dogs that match almost every lifestyle. Whether you want an exercise companion or a snuggle buddy while you watch television, there is a small dog breed that is a perfect match.

Read ahead, and learn about some of these wonderful small breed dogs. Your new best friend is waiting!

Snuggle Buddies

Chihuahua (2-6 pounds)These tiny and affectionate dogs make wonderful companions. They love to be petted and held, and will happily curl up in your lap while you watch a movie after a hard day at work. While the breed is a good choice for a family, use caution around small children.

Toy Poodle (4-8 pounds)
This breed makes a point of getting his exercise indoors, so not having a large yard won’t be a problem. Toy poodles are very sensitive and respond well to attention. Toy poodles can get very demanding if they feel they are not getting enough of your attention. For this reason, they make an excellent lap dog as they cannot get enough attention from their owners.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi (25-38 pounds)
This breed is very easy to train, and is a great choice for families with other pets and children. Welsh Corgis love to spend time with their owners, and make wonderful companions. This dog is a good choice for allergy sufferers as they only shed twice a year.

Exercise Pals

Jack Russell Terrier (11-17 pounds)This is NOT the dog for people with an inactive lifestyle. Jack Russell’s have boundless energy, and they need lots of ways to burn it off. A fenced backyard is ideal as your pet will be able to run and play as much as he wants. These dogs are natural hunters, so keep smaller pets away for their safety. He will require some grooming, and will do well around children as long as they do not mistreat him.

Papillon (7-10 pounds)This easy to train dog requires a fair amount of exercise. His energy level is high, and he would do well if he had a fenced yard in which he could burn off some steam. This dog has a beautiful coat that must be brushed on a daily basis.

Italian Greyhound (6-10 pounds)
This sleek looking dog has an extremely high energy level. For this reason, the owner will need to provide plenty of opportunities for exercise each day. When not burning off energy, Italian Greyhounds love spending time with their owners. These dogs shed very little and have minimal grooming requirements. They do well with older children, but should not be left alone with small children.


Australian Terrier (12-14 pounds)
This breed is a great watchdog, and because of this may not be the best choice for apartments where noise is a concern. While this dog doesn’t need a lot of grooming, he does need a lot of exercise. If no yard is available, he will need to go on a couple of brisk walks every day.

Lhasa Apso (13-15 pounds)
This devoted pet is very loyal towards its owner, and makes a very good watchdog. Lhasa Apso is not the best choice for a family with young children, or in situations where the dog will be alone for long periods of time. This breed is a wonderful traveler, and makes an excellent companion for an owner who is able to take their pet along on their travels.

Miniature Dachshund (8-9 pounds)
This breed tends to be very protective of its owners, and therefore makes a great watchdog. They do need some exercise, but will do fine in an apartment as long as they can take a couple of good walks each day. Older children and other pets are usually fine, but some Miniature Dachshunds display a jealous streak if they think they are not getting their fair share of attention.

Great for Small Apartments

French Bulldog (19-28 pounds)
French Bulldogs are an affectionate breed of dog that, because of low exercise requirements do very well in apartments. They still need moderate exercise. A brisk walk or a trip to the dog park should suffice. If your dog will be left alone for long periods of time, you may want to consider another breed. While French Bulldogs do not need a lot of exercise, they do require the attention of their owners.

Chinese Crested (>10 pounds)
This unusual looking (usually the winner of annual “Ugliest Dog” contests) breed makes a great choice for apartment living. While they do not require a lot of outdoor exercise, this breed loves children and will happily romp and play with them. This breed is not at all suited to outdoor living as they have an aversion to too hot and too cold temperatures.

Bichon Frise (9-15 pounds)
The little powder puff has very low exercise requirements, so apartment living suits this breed very well. The Bichon Frise is also a surprisingly good choice for those who suffer from allergies as they shed very little. This dog is high maintenance in the area of grooming. Also, they are highly social and do not do well if left alone for long periods of time.

There are dozens of small breed dogs, and with a little searching, you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your lifestyle. Keep in mind that many small breed dogs are prone to serious medical problems, so be sure to thoroughly research any breed you are considering making a part of your family.



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