Smart Devices For Around the Home That Is Actually Good To Have

Everyone thinks they need to earn a lot of money to have a more comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their families. With the recent rise in lower-cost technology, it is possible to do that while staying in your price range. Many companies around the world are making smart devices that make daily life easier.

Here are a few examples to help you decide what to buy:

Smart Hubs For Your Home

Amazon Echo Family

The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart portable speaker that uses Amazon’s handy voice assistant, Alexa. It can be used to control most of the smart devices in the house with just a voice-command. You can ask Alexa to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and others. If you need a screen to make video calls, then they go for any version of Amazon Show that fits your price range.

Brilliant Control

It is a smart wall switch that uses Wi-Fi to connect to and control most smart devices in your house. It uses Amazon’s Alexa as a voice assistant and can do almost anything that an Echo device can do, other than play music. It has a 5-inch color touch screen display that can show the weather forecast and can be used as an intercom between similar devices in other rooms. You can ask Alexa for the news, sports scores, and it can turn things on and off.

Smart Home Security


ADT Pulse is an extensive and pricey home system. ADT offers 24/7 surveillance and customer support. The company visits your home and recommends a package for you as well as offer installation services. You can watch video surveillance on your phone or computer with the ADT security cameras, as well as lock and unlock the house door. It can also be connected to other smart home devices. It requires a three-year contract and has monthly charges after the initial hefty price.


Brilong offers brilliant smart locks, Xenlocks, that can be connected with other Brilong devices for additional features. The Xenlock is relatively easy to install and can be connected to your mobile device. It can automatically detect your mobile when it is in very close proximity and unlock the door. You can share the e-key with your friends and family instead of making copies of the key. You can also get the Xenlock Pro for monitoring and security access. In the Xenlock Pro’s sentry mode (alarmed via their XenBridge) you have a proximity sensor door lock that unlocks by a just wave of your hand! Pretty cool if you ask me.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Amazon Basics Microwave

Smart kitchen appliances are usually controlled by mobile apps and are relatively pricey. The Amazon Basics Microwave is different because it is inexpensive, and its voice-controlled feature is what makes it smart. Although you need to buy an Amazon Echo device to control the microwave and it is not very powerful, it offers more features than other microwaves in this price range, which makes it a good buy.

Anova Culinary Precision Cooker

If you like to cook in the sous vide way, seal food in a bag and put it in a hot water bath for a long time, then the Anova Culinary Pressure Cooker can make it very simple. It can be connected to the Wi-Fi and send notifications of the entire process even if you leave the house. You can set and control the water temperature from your mobile device. It also has a display that shows the set and current temperature to a tenth of a degree for accuracy.

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