Snoring Treatments – How to Fix the Problem

Snoring is an annoyance that not only affects many individuals all over the world, but also their partners or family members. The loud noises make it almost impossible for many people to get the good nights rest that we all need. Sleep deprivation can lead to many other health problems along with unneeded stress and a weakened immune system. Since snoring is a disturbance to millions of people, you can imagine how many individuals want to find a treatment to help them.

Thirty seven thousand Americans demonstrate snoring problems. Statistics have shown that it affects one out of four people. This means that someone in your household most likely is disturbing you every night! Now that you know you are not alone, it is time to learn what you can do in order to rid yourself of this problem. Although not all people who snore are extremely loud, snoring is a consistent problem which treatments are available for.

Many causes of snoring can be from something an individual does in their everyday life. These are factors that can be altered in order to decrease or even eliminate snoring completely from their life. Well what am I talking about? If you are an individual who has not always had a snoring problem, and believe it has been occurring due to life changes, here are a few treatments which you can try:

Weight gain has always been a cause of snoring. With weight gain, fat tissues develop in the back of the throat. The flow of air through the mouth starts to be blocked and increased vibrations occur. This ultimately leads to the loud noises which take place when someone snores. Also, alcohol has been known to increase snoring in many cases. Doctors have recommended that people with a snoring problem should resist from drinking any alcohol one hour prior to going to sleep. Lastly, smoking is a behavioral change which is easier said than done. Because of the chemicals and tar that enters your body when you inhale, your airway passages tend to become blocked. When you quit smoking, it helps clear your passages and therefore you should be able to breath easier again, as well as snore less.

Above listed, are all the behavioral changes you can make in order to decrease or eliminate snoring in your every day life. Unfortunately, behavioral changes are difficult for many people to stick with. When it comes to snoring, many people who drink alcohol or smoke on a regular basis will not want to quit in order to help with a sleeping problem. This is why there have been many advances in surgeries. If you are an individual who thinks you will not be able to change a behavior in your everyday life, then read on to find out other treatments available.

There are many nasal medications and devices that can be used to help with snoring. There are even strips you can find in your local convenient store to put on your nose which open the nasal valve and help you breath. If this valve is where the problem of your snoring originates, then snoring can be eliminated by just using these strips. Some people snore due to allergies because of swelling in their nasal passageway. If you believe allergies may be the cause, then there are nasal sprays that can help you. Many sprays available for swelling or irritation help by decreasing the inflammation in your nasal passageways.


A common treatment for snoring which many individuals have taken into consideration recently is a treatment called Somnoplasty. If you are someone who is ready to get the sleep you have been missing then you should definitely look into this surgery. Somnoplasty is a procedure which only takes around thirty minutes. This procedure uses low-pressure and low-temperature radiofrequency energy. Radiofrequency energy is distributed below the surface layer of the soft palate. Tiny portions of tissue are heated up just enough to create a section of clotting. For the following four to six weeks the treated tissue is naturally absorbed by the body. This absorption helps to reduce the volume of the tissue and it tends to make stiff the area which causes you to snore.

If you have had somnoplasty, you will feel discomfort for less than a week. However, many people have said it is well worth it. In the next month, you should notice yourself sleeping better. This is because with time, while the tissue is being absorbed, your snoring starts to decrease. Somnoplasty is a treatment that has helped many individuals. If you or your partner is suffering from intense snoring problems, then talk to your doctor and see if somnoplasty or even another surgery could benefit you.



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