Soul Goals: Am I’m On The Path My Soul Intended For Me?

Without a doubt, this world is very complicated. And with its complications come a myriad of uncomfortable feelings leaving us in an emotional twist. Have you ever gone swimming in the surf and a big wave catches you off guard, throwing you like you’re in a giant washing machine? Limbs going in directions they’ve never managed before, chin hitting the sand. Salt water up your nose, in your mouth, and lodged in your ears. Oh my goodness! Make it stop! Like that giant ocean washing machine, life can also feel like it’s having its way with us, leaving us in a giant heap, soaked in very uncomfortable emotions.

Is this what life is supposed to be about? Feeling miserable? Is that really what our soul planned for us in this lifetime?

No! Absolutely not! And before you think another thought that brings you down that low vibrating path of misery you need to bring into your awareness a few simple yet profound guidelines of the Universe.

1. Life Is Not Meant to Be Hard. As incarnated souls, we are meant to feel free, confident, and purposeful, engaging in profound, euphoric creations.

If, instead, you feel unloved, ignored, powerless, useless, anxious, or like your in that proverbial funk, these are your signals that you are not on your intended path. Think of your emotions as your own GPS system and if you’re not feeling incredibly wonderful, you have made a wrong turn somewhere. These signals are telling you that you‘re not in alignment with your soul and you’re not doing what is in your highest and best interest.

Don’t blame how you feel on others. Your reactions to life are entirely up to you, whether it’s an emotional situation, or physical one. If it’s some aspect of your job that’s bringing you down, carve a path that leads you away from it. If it’s your partner who treats you badly, make changes that will lead to happiness. If you can’t find love in the world, look for it in the most simple places and let it grow from there.

Think about a negative emotion that screams at you the loudest, then sit quietly as you unravel its origins. Remember, every experience you have comes to you in neutral form. It is your subjective interpretation of the experience that will make it positive or negative. With perseverance you can create the life you want. When your GPS system signals you with feelings like ease, balance, inspiration, joy, and purpose you will know you’re on the path your soul intended for you.

2. Feel It And Then Let It Go. Remember, it’s okay to feel heavy emotions. Sometimes our soul chooses to experience more challenging emotions as well. But we do not need to linger in these low vibrating, difficult emotions forever. Feel it, understand it, process it, accept it, appreciate it, and move on. There is no rule or law that says we must dwell in sadness or anger forever. If we do, the low vibrating energy will only bring dis-ease and disease.

So as you continue on your journey as a human, remember you, a soul (the true essence of who you are) did not sign up for a miserable trip. You signed up for experiences of all sorts (good and challenging). Let your GPS system of emotions guide you to the path you want to stay on. And always remember, life was never meant to be miserable. 

Jennifer MerrittsJennifer Merritts is a Spiritual Awareness Coach, Professional Life Coach, Integrative Health Coach, Master Chakra Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher, and is trained in Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Sound Healing, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Advanced Radiant Healing Light. She has locations in Northern VA and Delaware. For more information visit



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