Spending Spring Break at Disneyland

If you are’  considering spending spring break at Disneyland, take some time to research the parks hours, crowd conditions, accommodations, options and special events before taking the plunge. While there are plenty of shows, parades and live entertainment to keep visitors happy and occupied, Spring Break is one of the busiest times of the year to visit Disneyland


The number one issue to consider when you are planning a Spring Break trip is to decide how you feel about crowds. Spring Break is one of the busiest times of year at Disneyland and at California Adventure.’

Both parks will be very busy, and you should anticipate waiting in line for most rides and attractions. Very popular rides like the Splash Mountain, Dumbo or Peter Pan’s Flight will have very long waits; so be prepared with a book, video game or iPod to pass the time.

If you don’t mind crowded conditions, you will find plenty going on at Disneyland during Spring Break. If navigating large crowds doesn’t appeal, consider heading to Disney either a little before or a little after the actual Spring Break week.

Tips for Spending Spring Break at Disneyland:

  • Stay at the Resort: Choose one of the three official Disneyland resorts, and you will be able to save a considerable amount of time getting to the actual parks themselves. You can walk to the theme park entrances, and not worry about traffic or parking. This is helpful any time of year, but absolutely essential during busy times like Spring Break, Christmas and Independence Day.
  • Park Wisely: If you are not staying onsite, allow plenty of time to drive to Disneyland, and if possible, park in one of the closer lots. The best lot for parking is ‘mickey and Friends’”, since it offers the shortest walk to the park entrance. If ‘mickey and Friends’” is full, head to the new ‘toy Story’” lot for best results.
  • Arrive Early: Head to either Disney’s California Adventure or Disneyland before the parks even open and you’ll get a head start on the day. Even if you can’t get on a ride yet, you can begin making your way through the entrance and security areas. The earlier you arrive, the more you will be able to experience before the parks get crowded.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: Disneyland is not terribly large, but you may find yourself traveling back and forth across the park to get from one favorite ride to another. you’ll also be on your feet as you wait in line, so skip the thin flip-flops and choose comfortable footwear.
  • Leave in the afternoon: Once lunchtime arrives, both Disneyland and California Adventure may be packed to capacity. Once the parks become this crowded, head back to your hotel to swim, nap or play. Return to the theme parks in the evening; They’ll both be open late for Spring Break. you’ll arrive refreshed just as the folks who braved the park all day are tired and heading home.
  • Bring everything you’  need: Pack everything you think you’ll need–for every member of the family. You can leave the items you don’t want to haul through the park in a locker at either of the theme parks, and just retrieve what you need. If you leave something essential in your car, it is a long trek back to the parking area.
  • Take advantage of ‘magic Mornings’”: If you are spending Spring Break at Disneyland in one of the three onsite resorts, take advantage of the Magic Morning offered during your stay. you’ll get some time in the park when it isn’t crowded with locals and off-site visitors. You may find you get to experience more rides and attractions during a Magic Morning than the entire rest of the day.
  • Use Fastpass: Take advantage of Disneyland’s free Fastpass system to minimize your waiting time. Simply insert your theme park ticket into a Fastpass machine at your favorite ride (machines are located at most of the popular attractions). The machine will spit out a paper ticket with a return time. Return to the ride at the time indicated and you can step right on with minimal waiting. This is helpful any time of year, but essential during Spring Break.
  • Visit slow loading rides first: Some rides, like Dumbo the Flying Elephant, need to come to a complete stop each time new guests board. Attractions with this model tend to have longer lines. Rides that are in continuous motion like ‘It’s a small world’” tend to have shorter lines, so plan your day accordingly.
  • Be a night-owl: Many of the Spring Break party-goers will be heading to the Downtown Disney area, or to local clubs in the latter part of the evening. Head to the theme parks instead and you’ll find that they are easier to navigate after dark. At least one park will be open late each evening during Spring Break–really late, so the later you stay, the thinner the crowds will be.
  • Bring your autograph book: While you’re busy preparing for the crowds, Disneyland planners are too–you’ll spot plenty of characters out and about in the parks. Some rare characters only come out when the parks are busy, so Spring Break is an ideal time to spot some of your favorites.

Spring Break at Disneyland is busy, but if you stay onsite and plan ahead you should be able to see and do everything you want to on your vacation. Spending Spring Break at Disneyland is a unique way to immerse yourself in the fun and action of both of the theme parks and to catch glimpses of some of Disney’s best entertainment offerings.



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