Squeeze Out the Best Experience in Photo Editing with Picasa

Picasa is an application created for the purpose of photo editing, giving its competitors a run for their money. The application is a freeware available to anyone at a click of a button. Google known for its user friendliness provides you an experience, where you can go all the way with your pictures, from editing to sharing them with your friends and family or on any of the social media portals.

The app that made editing and sharing pictures easy has come up with new and varied features, which will help you in enhancing your experience in editing. The most famous https://yepdownload.com/picasa is needed if you use to get the best out of it. Google making everyday work easier has helped making editing of pictures with new features easier than ever  before by having various options from basic edits to saving them and sharing them to friends and family not only through your drive and Gmail but also through social media , has now come up with Facial Recognition and Geotagging. Without losing the core value of the application, unlike other software’s Picasa has maintained its name in the photo editing and saving feature by constantly updating itself.

Here’s What is New –

There are two features that are newly added onto the latest version of Picasa

  1. Facial Recognition
  2. Geotagging

What is Facial Recognition?

The software runs through your photos and identifies the faces that are reoccurring and helps you tag them, as it is software it will only tag the person once you have confirmed it as there can be a few glitches in identifying the faces. This helps you get the pictures clicked with that particular person at easy without having to go through tons of pictures looking for the pictures with one person. This helps you in saving time of searching and helps you in enhancing the editing and sharing experience with Picasa.

What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of attaching the location along with your pictures that have been clicked, this will help you search for the place that you wish to revisit and go through the memory lane by just searching for the place. This will help you find the pictures clicked in that one place during the various timelines you were there.

What Else Do You Get with Picasa?

Picasa being a photo editing, saving and sharing app that focuses on personalizing your experience, now helps you in creating videos for your loved ones in a matter of few minutes even giving you the option of adding your favourite track to the video along with options to edit backgrounds. If you are someone who likes to keep each and every memory as a souvenir, the app has a timeline feature helping you access the year or month or day you wish to revisit and jog your memory along with facial recognition and geotagging it makes it easier to upload on social media.

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