Stable Hygiene: Choosing the Right Products

Regardless of the place you keep your animals, once you have kept them in confined places, you will need to think of the cleanliness of that place as a synonym to healthiness. Horses are the best example of this rule. You will need to learn about the best tips and products that will help you in keeping the stable clean and tidy so they can reap the benefits of a healthy well-maintained environment. If you left your stable in a bad shape, you won’t be suffering from a bad smell or look only, you are also risking the health of your horses. 

Urine, dust, and unclean bedding can accumulate over time and compromise your horses’ health, so how can you care for your stables’ hygiene? What are the best products out there? 

The right products

While choosing your horses’ food, bedding, or cleaning products, you need to pick the products that offer the maximum amount of benefits. Many companies care deeply about different animals and pets, and they try their best to look for innovative solutions that will help with their pet’s health issues. Research is focused on the health issues that can’t be solved with usual solutions, and these studies finally managed to reach some of the most innovative solutions for different pets. They managed to create their line of horse products that offer different benefits and advantages for horses’ health. Most of their products depend on CBD and hemp oil to provide high-quality solutions for pet owners at affordable prices.

Methods of cleaning stables

Once you figure out the right products for your stable hygiene and develop a working routine for cleaning the stalls, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness of your horses’ environment without taking much time or effort. All that you need is 15 to 20 minutes maximum per day to do your daily routine and keep your horses healthy and happy. However, you will need to take more time every once in a while, to deep clean the stall.

Required tools and materials

To clean the stalls, you will need work gloves and rubber boots, a cart or a wheelbarrow, a pitchfork, a shovel, a stable broom, and an odor-control solution to manage the odor of your stable.

Dress right for the job

This messy job requires the right clothing to also protect yourself. You will need high-quality gloves that will prevent blisters. You should also consider investing in rubber boots that are designated for this job instead of wasting time on cleaning regular ones.

Clean the stalls

In order to clean the stalls, you need to empty it. Make sure that you do this while the horse is out exercising, or you can just move your horse to a stall that is empty. Then proceed with the right techniques of cleaning. Make sure to change the food tubes and water buckets. It’s also important to use your gloves and the pitchfork to dig out manure and bedding that is soiled if you are using straws. When using sawdust or shavings, you can use shaving forks to help clean out wet bedding and manure.

Deep cleaning and fresh bedding

Every once in a while, you will need to do a deep cleaning session to ensure that you are not missing any dirt. It’s important to strip the stall entirely. Use the wheelbarrow to ensure the stall is completely empty. Then you can utilize a shovel to remove any bedding remaining. Then, to sweep it clean, you can use a broom. After you have cleaned out the stall, use an optional solution that helps with odor-control to freshen up the smell where your horse stays.

After the manure has been cleaned and the soiled or wet bedding and topped it up with a fresh odor, then it’s time to place clean bedding for your horses. If you are using straws, then you need to put in some straw, a bale will do, and then using a pitchfork, you can get the bedding to fluff up. If you prefer sawdust or shavings, then use the wheelbarrow to carry the fresh shavings for the stall.

While you might think of details such as food, bedding, and dust as minor details that will not affect the health of your horses. You need to know that these details can mean everything to your horses and their performance. Mucus from a dusty environment can affect your horses’ health greatly. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you keep the stalls clean by using high-quality hay and bedding with minimum dust. You also need to keep the stalls clean from manure and urine by cleaning the stalls at least twice a day.

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