Steam Cleaning Carpets – Removing the Dirt and Stains

A vacuum cleaner with powerful suction is good for removing surface dirt. However, the dirt of life tends to get into our homes and create not only a dullness to our carpeting but can also help create odors, especially carpets that are subject to the distress caused by children and pets. Regular vacuuming, no matter how high quality the equipment may be, will never get the deep down dirt and stains that life throws at a carpet. Thus, steam cleaning carpets has become the alternative to expensive replacement.

Thoroughly steam cleaning the furniture or any type of carpeting is a project no matter what. Having it done for you will save you a percentage of the hassle, but of course for a higher price. Steam cleaning carpets can either be one of those do it yourself projects or one of those hire it done and it will either be well done or poorly done but either way you have to pay for it.

If you choose to do it yourself, you can either rent a machine or purchase a machine. For those with lighter colored carpets, pets, children, or other chronic dirt hazard, the purchase of a steam cleaner is probably going to be more cost effective than renting one every time you need your carpets managed. Rental machines are typically available for inspection at the time you are renting them. Look to make sure the machines are clean. Obviously people from all over have used them, including landlords who have been left with horrendous messes from careless tenants. This type of usage can leave unsightly messes in the machines and create more work for you. Owning a machine (which those sold for personal use are lighter, easier to manage, and are usually about as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner) allows you to clean your carpets any time you wish.

Over-cleaning of the carpets will ruin them just as fast as dirt will. When carpets are steam cleaned, there is ample moisture involved. The surface of the carpet will dry much earlier than the deeper layers underneath as well as the carpet padding. It can take up to two weeks for the carpet to thoroughly dry. And of course as we all know, prolonged exposure to moisture encourages the growth of nastiness such as mold and fungus. Thus, most carpet manufacturers recommend only spot cleaning in between regular cleanings, which should happen about 2 times a year at the most. Spot cleaning with a steam cleaner can make your carpets last longer as it gets the deep dirt and stains without over saturation of the carpet.

Steam cleaning carpets can help those family members that suffer from allergies as well as kill off the vast majority of microscopic creatures that live in our homes. This includes dust mites and even viruses. There is also the added benefit of the removal of oily dirt and odors which makes for a more pleasing living environment. Staring at a filthy carpet is not exactly uplifting. The freshness of a steam cleaned rug just feels better.

Getting the job professionally done is the route that is chosen by those who are busy or who lack the physical capacity to move their own furniture around. While it is recommended that you should move your furniture out of the way before the professionals show up, if you aren’t able to do so, you need to explain that to the service you use, and you may be charged a bit extra.

Professional cleaning does have its advantages. The machines used by the professionals are much more powerful and remove much more moisture from the carpeting. Getting your carpets done by a professional may mean paying a good price for a good service, or it might mean paying too much for lousy service. Unfortunately, it seems to be hit or miss with the professional services. Thus, once you have discovered a good carpet cleaner, stick with the company. And don’t be afraid to complain about lousy service. At least if you get the chance to be heard, it is in the company’s hands and you may get a discounted or even free service the next time.

Steam cleaning carpets usually won’t get rid of the smell of dog or cat urine without proper treatment beforehand. A high quality product that is designed just for this purpose should be used in advanced and allowed to dry before getting the carpets cleaned. Once the job is done, you will be able to lounge around on your new clean carpet with confidence.



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