Summer Home Maintenance Tips

After a long cold winter, the temperatures are soaring, and the sun is blazing. Summer has arrived, and you can likely hear the sounds of kids riding their bikes, smell fresh patties on the grill, and see the greenery sprout while feeling the summer breeze. Summertime is fun, but there’s more to it than just enjoying barbeques and heading to the beach. It is also the best time to ensure your home is in great shape. Read on for summer maintenance tips to keep your home in optimal shape.

1.    Replace the air filters in your home

The summer season comes with a lot of dust, pollen, and particles flying through the air. You’re going to have to keep the air filters throughout your home in good condition to prevent these airborne particles from entering the house. You need to replace air filters regularly to ensure they are working properly. Change the air filter in the furnace and all other filters throughout your home. Use HEPA filters to keep your home much cleaner. It’s also an excellent way to reduce symptoms of allergies and keep your loved ones healthy.

2.    Close your windows and blinds

Many modern condos and houses have floor-to-ceiling glass doors and large windows. They allow for plenty of natural light, but they can also make your home feel like an oven. During summer, make sure you fix broken windows in your home, keep all windows closed, and blinds and curtains shut to prevent the sun from heating the interior surfaces. Also, be sure to leave the interior doors open to improve air circulation.

3.    Inspect and repair the roof

Summer is an ideal time to inspect your roof for any necessary fixes. Check to see if there are any leaks, missing or broken shingles, or cracks that require repairs. You should also double-check your gutters and ensure they are rid of any debris that may have accumulated over the winter.

4.    Service the air conditioning unit

If your AC unit is not functioning properly, the heat in your house will be unbearable. Before the summer heatwave arrives, have your AC unit inspected for any necessary repairs. Proper maintenance will keep your AC unit in perfect condition and ensure it serves you for a  longer period of time.

5.    Clean the carpets

Carpets attract many allergens to your home, and it is crucial that you keep them clean during the summer. This is the perfect time to do the cleaning, as your pets and kids will not be tracking any mud indoors. You can also consider having a less fluffy carpet on the floor so it doesn’t trap dust and other allergens. Don’t forget to clean your blinds to keep your home healthy throughout the summer season.


Summer is not just about fun. Take advantage of the warm weather to keep your home comfortable, beautiful, and healthy. Ensure you inspect your interior and exterior, electrical systems, and appliances to avoid breakdowns, save money and keep your home in excellent condition. Most importantly, ensure your air conditioning unit is working properly and replace the air filters before the summer heatwave hits.

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