Surprise! It’s Not Your Soul You Don’t Trust


7 Trust Busters to Reclaim Your Power

Tired of being stuck because you’re afraid to make the wrong choice? Afraid to make the wrong choice because you don’t trust yourself? Are you not trusting yourself because you are over-identified with logic and the control mechanisms of the ego?

It’s not your soul you don’t trust.

When you get that fleeting wave of inspiration, that is your soul. When you have a brilliant idea that you then discard immediately because it feels too grand, that is your soul. When you feel an inner pull towards something that looks totally and seemingly ridiculous on the surface…guess what? That is your soul.

Your soul has the map for your life, and it wants your attention. While we often do receive the message its sending, we ultimately discount these golden breadcrumbs, because the truth is, we don’t trust our small ego-self. This is the “learned” part of us, not the wisdom filled part.

Our soul gives us guidance every moment of every day. We disregard it because we’ve been taught to believe that our logical mind is smarter than our intuitive knowing, or our gut instinct for that matter. When these trust busters show up to sabotage your soul’s calling and cause you to mistrust your higher knowing, try lifting your gaze a bit higher and begin honoring the voice of your original wisdom.

7 trust busters that keep you from following your Soul’s guidance:

  1. Forgetting Universal Intelligence is smarter than you. Things unfold as they do because there is a grand order and harmony in the universe. Notice, no one is telling nature what to do. It just unfolds according to the dynamic code within. You too are nature, and you also have a code that is ready to unfold.
  2. Listening to logical mind Debbie-Doubter. The ego’s mo. is safety, security, comfort, and control. It thinks it’s kept you safe, but it’s really keeping you stuck. Your mind is like a database. You can only reference what has already been. When a bolt of newness activates you, the logical mind checks the data base for historical information. It’s just not designed to venture comfortably into fresh territory of the unknown. This is the job of the spirit.
  3. You’re checking with everyone. You call your mom, your sister, your BFF, and you share your inspired idea. SQUASH! In two seconds, they shoot it down, telling you your too lofty, not well funded, under resourced, whatever. Yet, you feel dejected because it was difficult to fully articulate your inspired vision and then you made their opinion matter more than yours. Recognize when you check with everyone else and discard your own inner voice, you are reinforcing patterns of self-betrayal.
  4. Believing everything is a destination. Life is a process, so is our growth and evolution. Instead of viewing every innovative idea as an endpoint, perhaps consider it’s simply a pivot point designed to get you moving in a specific direction.
  5. Running the story of not enough. Your inner critic thrives on telling you you’re not enough. Not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, talented enough, fill in the blanks with your specific flavor of not enough for the biggest impact of reasons you don’t trust yourself.
  6. Thinking its “all on you”. When your soul inspires you with a grand notion, as soon as you say yes, the universe begins conspiring on your behalf. Trusting your YES to your soul’s calling, immediately bestows alignment onto you and your life. The right people show up, the right doors open, the road rises to meet you. Don’t take my word for it. test it out.
  7. Failing to recognize you are a powerful creator. We think we give our power away, but we do not. We cannot. Our power is the life force that is animating our physical body. We forget that this power is the same power that holds up the planets and makes your heart, beat. When we remember the power is inside of us and we can’t be separated from it, we are instantly and immediately feeling more empowered to trust ourselves and the choices we make that shape our lives. When we ignore this power or place it in things outside of ourself, we are then into a pattern of self-betrayal.

We are all spiritual being on an epic human adventure. We have come to this life to grow, learn, explore, and evolve. Trusting ourselves along the journey is the invitation to recognizing ALL of us, our higher self, and our human self. Our soul has the keys to the kingdom. It’s encoded with a dynamic encryption which is our entelechy.

The more we release the hold of our lower, logical, ego-minded selves and begin to follow the higher, wisdom-filled guidance of our souls the more we begin to trust ourselves and our choices, no matter what the outcome.

Donna Bond, M.A. is a spiritual life and business coach, author, and thought leader. After a 28-year long run as a corporate marketing executive who “had it all”, she decided to change course and get a master’s in Spiritual Psychology. Donna helps people to live with reverence by activating their entelechy – the fullest realized expression of who they came here to be, from the inside out. She and her husband, award-winning oil painter Paul Bond, live part time in Southern California and Costa Rica. You can learn more about her transformative 1:1 coaching, group classes, and workshops at  



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