Telling Someone You Love Them – Don’t Be Scared to Say Those Words

Whether you have just met someone spectacular in a mad bout of love at first sight or if you have been saving up those three little words for quite some time now . . . telling someone you love them is never easy. Amazing how those three little words come out so easily in front of the mirror but when spoken in person it becomes almost impossible. You know what you want to say. You have it all planned out in your head and then . . . you see their face . . . and your mind goes blank, your knees go week and the words you were going to say go floating off on a wayward breeze.

If you are considering telling someone you love them then perhaps you fill that you need a little coaching. If so read on to find a few tips from the experts to help you tell that special someone just what they mean to you . . .

Go With the Flow

When you are planning what you want to say to show your lover how much you care you want it to come out romantic . . . but sometimes it happens just the opposite way. If planning things are making you tighten up and forget your name just go with the flow. A simple word spoken at the right time can be more meaningful than a mouthful of words spoken at the wrong one.

Go traditional

If saying things out loud has your stomach all in knots, the tradition of the written word is one of the most romantic ways to say you care. Avoid greeting cards that commercialize your feelings. Instead go for straight from the heart lines written out on a pretty paper.

To add some old world charm to your love letter add a wax seal. You can also “age” the paper before writing by dabbing the paper with a wet tag bag and allowing it to dry. If you are brave enough, you can also use a lighter held over the sink to singe edges just be sure to blow out the fire quickly or else it will consume your whole paper!

Get Help

If you cannot think of how to describe the way you feel or if you are one of those people who don’t show emotion well, use a book, quote or song to say what you need to say. If you have a favorite book, highlight special lines that remind you of the one you love. Remind them to look for these highlighted quotes. And while a mix tape might seem a little 1984 . . . they can still be done well if done right and from the heart. To update the mix tape make them “old” again. Go for well versed songs like Frank Sinatra’s “Had to Be You” or Tony Bennett’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” Other favorites include Ella Fitzgerald’s “At Last” and “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

Get Away

If the rush and hurry of the everyday world is making it difficult for you to find the time to say just the right thing consider getting away for the weekend. Romantic cabins are a great and inexpensive way to provide your sweet someone with a getaway that makes them feel special. Remember a simple change of scenery, even if it is right within your own city or state, can be just the thing to take things to the next level of romance.

If you want to go luxurious, companies such as Priceline and Hotwire can help you get great deals on five star hotels, cruises and international flights. Among the most raved about romantic places in the world are Tuscany, Paris and Hawaii. Decide which spot is right for you and your sweetie then do the research to find the perfect deal. Pretty words always sound prettier with beautiful settings after all.

Yes. Telling someone you love them can be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do . . . but when they say those three little words back to you it suddenly becomes one of the best things you ever did. Remember, even if you stumble over your words or things don’t go quite according to plan . . . even if they go horribly off track . . . it is the thought and the emotion that counts, making “I love you” – no matter how you say – the most beautiful words in the English language.



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