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Testosterone Levels: How and Why It Should Be Increased

Testosterone serves as the key sex hormone among male individuals. It has a major role in reproduction and sexual function. It is also necessary for maintaining the strength of the muscles and bones. As the male person gets older, his testosterone levels will also gradually fall naturally by one to two percent each year. However, some medications, dietary choices, and other factors might influence one’s hormonal levels in the body. If you’re having an issue with reduced testosterone levels, here are the best tips for increasing your testosterone levels and why we need to increase them:

Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

  1. Exercise and weight loss 

Start by losing weight through resistance exercises. Research shows that resistance exercises like weight lifting can lead to a slight improvement of testosterone levels. Cardiovascular exercises also help in burning excess fats so one can easily lose weight. When you lose weight there’s a higher probability that your testosterone levels will also increase.

  1. Testosterone Enhancers

Many herbal supplements promoted in the market today claim to have effective testosterone enhancing substance.  Some medications have also been found to help increase testosterone production. Testosterone supplements such as TestoGen not only boosts testosterone levels. It may also help in enhancing one’s stamina and strength. However, one has to keep in mind that healthy diet and lifestyle should still be observed.

  1. Testosterone Foods

According to World Food Programme or WFP, there are plenty of foods that play major roles in assisting the body’s testosterone production. Make sure you consume right amount of foods that contain zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D. These vitamins and minerals help maintain your testosterone at an average level. Examples of foods that you may eat for improved testosterone levels include oysters, onions, and green leafy vegetables.

Why Testosterone Levels Should Be Increased

  1. Testosterone fights depression.

Researchers found out that people who suffer from depression typically have testosterone level deficiency. Some men who underwent testosterone medications and treatments were able to improve their mood and other symptoms of depression.

  1. Testosterone increases your body mass.

Every bodybuilder’s goal is to increase muscle mass. Testosterone is like a muscle building magic due to its capability to improve synthesis of muscle protein in the body.

  1. Testosterone makes your bones stronger.

Osteoporosis is one of the major health problems that affect not only women but also the male population. Having low testosterone levels is one of the causes for this bone-weakening disease. Testosterone increases bone density by stimulating bone mineralization. It also reduces bone resorption.

  1. Testosterone reduces Alzheimer’s disease risk.

A study conducted at the University of Hong Kong in 2010 showed that 55 out of 153 Chinese men recruited from nursing centers had cognitive impairment. They had problems with mental clarity and memory loss. Those people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease were also found to have low testosterone levels.

When it comes to increasing testosterone levels, factors such as medications and medical conditions also need to be taken into consideration. So it is vital to seek professional help if you have this issue.


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