Thanksgiving wines

Nothing can quite bring joy to a Thanksgiving dinner like a few bottles of incredible authentic French wines can. That being said, not every bottle is meant to accompany every one of your Thanksgiving meals. To guarantee that your very next, and your future Thanksgiving dinners will be an absolute success, you will need to learn which wine pairings will work to your advantage and bring out the most exquisite flavors out of your meals at the dinner table. Below, you will find some information and a few suggestions on interesting wine pairings you will hopefully have the opportunity to try out.

Which type of wine should you have at your Thanksgiving dinner?

Both red wines and white wines can work wonders alongside a Thanksgiving meal. You will have to look for a wine whose flavors make it a prime pairing candidate for the centerpiece of your dinners, the turkey. When it comes to red wines, some staple French wines for Thanksgiving are Pinot Noir and Beaujolais Nouveau. Pinot Noir in particular goes perfectly with earthy dishes, such as mushrooms and mild cheeses thanks to its light body. Red wines with fruity flavors and tame tannins are ideal and will delicately enhance the various flavors of your main dishes.

Choosing a high-quality white wine with a well-balanced acidity level is also a very safe bet for a Thanksgiving dinner. White wines tend to be lighter and more refreshing than red wines, allowing for plenty of room for all of the many delicious dishes that will progressively make their way to the dining table throughout the Thanksgiving evening. If you decide to opt for a white wine, we gladly recommend going for one of the Sauternes white wines from the French region of Bordeaux. Sauternes wines are known for their unbelievable degree of sophistication and complexity and will definitely be an excellent choice for your Thanksgiving meal.

The best Sauternes white wines for Thanksgiving

Thankfully, all Sauternes white wines are fine choices as your main Thanksgiving meal wine. Among the best Sauternes wines are Chateau de Fargues, Chateau Rieussec, Chateau Suduiraut, and of course, the legendary Chateau d’Yquem which has received an outstanding 97-99 rating from the Wine Advocate. Surprising by their unique sweetness and their rich fruity taste, Sauternes white wines do a phenomenal job at complimenting all your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. They will surely be thoroughly enjoyed by all of your adult guests and family members.

Where should you go to order a Sauternes white wine?

Among many other authentic and phenomenal wines from all over the Bordeaux region in France, Sauternes white wines are listed on Millesima’s US website. Millesima is a family-owned business located in Bordeaux which specializes in the sale of the best red wines, rose wines, white wines and sparkling wines from the world-renowned capital of the wine industry. While you may easily order the wines of your choosing from their official website with just a few clicks, you also have the option of visiting Millesima’s physical store in New York City.



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