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The 5 Most Surprisingly Lucrative Online Careers

In our technological age, it is not really a shock to know that many jobs have been moved to computers or online. However, many jobs still require an office space and a desktop, with hundreds of employees tapping away on their keyboards. Still, as we develop, so do our methods of working, and there are quite a few online careers that can be rewarding if done right.

If an online career interests you, these are the jobs and positions you should consider if you want a potentially financially rewarding online job.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Any smart businessperson knows that having a website is crucial to the success of their business. They also know that they need visibility and outreach to find new customers from all around. How, then, do they find these people on an internet database that is absolutely flooded with websites? The answer lies with Search Engine Optimization.

SEO simply means finding methods and solutions of increasing search engine hits to a website. There are multiple ways to do this, and in today’s world, it is considered quite a lucrative job to be the person who knows their way around SEO. Many can claim to understand SEO, but they might use outdated approaches. If you understand the newest techniques to increase search engine hits, such as the experts at Empowered Owl, then you can easily make a career out of being an SEO agent for businesses.

  1. Virtual Assistant

You may want to consider looking into a job as a virtual assistant. As the world becomes more dependent on technology and the internet, so do businesses. With most of or all of their business conducted online, many turn to virtual assistants and work-from-home employees to keep the business up and running.

As with any assistant’s jobs, tasks can range wildly from things like responding the business emails, organizing and responding to business or media inquiries, creating online content, organizing business documents, and more. However, as a virtual assistant, all of this can be done from your own laptop in your own home, and you will still receive a surprisingly high paycheck for your pains.

  1. Call Center Representative

Many businesses utilize call centers to keep their businesses operating smoothly, but what many people do not know is that you can easily be a call center representative from the comfort of your own home. Often, being one of these reps requires certain software to be installed on your computer to properly assist clients with their needs, depending on the business. However, it is just as legitimate as sitting at a desk in an office building and answering phones, but with your own computer and a paycheck that will not need to be spent on commuting.

  1. Social Media Manager

We all have social media nowadays, even the baby boomer generation and older. However, if you are a younger generation who grew up with Facebook, Twitter, and all the other ones, and feel you have a strong understanding of the platforms, then consider becoming a social media marketing manager. Businesses use social media as a tool to gain clients and spread the word by utilizing social media platforms to the highest degree, be it with customer outreach or online ads.

Whatever the case, businesses are always looking for people who understand social media to help them develop and maintain their online presence outside of their website. Often, they will pay quite a pretty penny for the right services and understanding.

  1. Web Developer

Businesses need websites in order to survive in our society. Many have no idea how to create or maintain a website, though, and will turn to web developers and specialists to help them create the perfect platform. There are quite a few web developers out there now, but quality will always trump quantity. If you know how to build a beautiful, sophisticated, and well-functioning website, consider a career in web development. Developers receive nice payouts in return.

There are hundreds of online jobs available now, and these are just a few of the highest paying jobs on the market. Do some research, and find what works for you.

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