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The Beard Trend Is Over – Time to Embrace a Shaven Face

If you asked your Pa fifteen years ago if he though beards were professional, he’d have said no way. Men of his generation knew that a shaven face was the way to put your best foot forward. The secret to looking professional was looking clean and well-groomed.

Beards No More

However, around 2006 there seemed to be a sea change. After hip kids began to flirt with moustaches, beards grew in popularity as a facial adornment. At first it was only among the young and trendy, who lived in some of the world’s capitals of cool, like New York, Milan and London.

Beards were making a comeback because young men were finding a new image of masculinity attractive; something about a beard seemed wild and unruly in comparison with the shaven faces of their fathers and grandfathers. No small part of the beard trend was that rebellious streak that has existed among young people since counter culture began – like when The Beatles adopted a beard after India to rally against their clean-shaven fathers.

Suddenly, young men with beards were everywhere. However, it wasn’t just men who could grow good beards who were everywhere. There were quite a few bad beards too, straggly beards that jutted out at weird angles, beards that looked coarse.

In truth, not ever man looks like Jake Gyllenhaal with a beard. Some blokes look like Gandalf.

Time to Put the Beard Trend Behind You

Beards may have had their moment in the limelight, but it was way back in 2013 that scientists at the University of New South Wales said that we’d reached ‘peak beard’, and from then on out the trend would be one in decline.

There are many reasons to put the beard trend behind you, and this is just a few:

  • They Look Unprofessional

Beards may have looked great on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Hackney, Monti or Les Marais, but they didn’t fully break into the professional mainstream.

In some of the most respectable professions beards were, and remain, taboo. If you aspire to work as a lawyer, or as a business person, or as a banker, you should reach for the electric shaver, because a beard means you just won’t be taken seriously. In the more conservative professions, a traditional look for men remains the professional standard.

  • It Lets Your Face do the Talking

Many women prefer a clean-shaven man because it shows off the attractive features of his face, instead of concealing them. The nose, the eyes, the cheek-bones and the jaw all must shine on their own without the help of a beard.

Plus, many women have got smart to the fact that in some instances, a beard is basically the male equivalent of an aggressive contour. They know underneath a well-groomed beard a weak chin can lurk, as well as a litany of other sins.

  • Who is Your Beard For?

Proponents of the beard argue that it makes a man look more masculine, but in truth, to some women, it can seem a bit like peacocking – or at worse, aggressive machismo.

It seems that beards most become popular when men feel that they’re competing for scarcer resources. They often have a resurgence of popularity during a time when men outnumber women.

If you’re growing a beard just to show you’re the ‘Alpha’, that can actually demonstrate a deep insecurity that’s really unattractive to the opposite sex.

The Bare Face is Back

Nothing says ‘classic man’ like a cleanly shaven face. We think if you’re seeking a career in one of the more respectable professionals, a bare face is your best bet to look the part.

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