The Best Cross Trainers For Women

As you go about your workout sessions, one thing that’s going to be very important is that you have a good pair of running shoes to wear. The shoes that you wear as you go about all your various activities are going to support you through the workout, making sure that you not only perform your best, but also prevent injuries such as knee, hip, or back pain.

Many women let their running shoes get far too warn out before changing them, which is a critical mistake and may actually be what causes some of those injuries to take place.

When looking at a good shoe to wear for your workout sessions, if you often find yourself performing a wide variety of activities such as running, biking, weight lifting, aerobics, boot camp, and so on, then a cross trainer is definitely for you.

A cross trainer is going to be able to withhold up through a wide variety of forms of exercise, giving you the cushioning and support that you need.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best cross trainers for women so you can see for yourself which you should choose.

The Nike Free Trainer

The Nike Free Trainer is one shoe that many women enjoy just because it’s so light.  If you feel like you are constantly being weighed down by your shoes, then this will be the trainer choice for you.

It also contains a breathable mesh design so will allow for good circulation as you go about your activity, so you’ll never get that sweaty, uncomfortable feeling as you wear these.

This trainer also provide good flexibility in the sole, so regardless of whether you’re running or performing weight lifting activities, you should be able to achieve maximum comfort while using it.

The Nike Free Trainer is one of the more cost effective options on the market, retailing below $80, so is a good option for those who are on a budget.

Avia A1433

The next cross trainer to consider is the Avia A1433 model, which his perfect for those who need a little more support as they go about their activities.

If you are slightly heavier and thus experience a higher impact upon exercise or you’re someone who is doing very high impact activities itself (such as sprinting or any form of plyometric training), then this will be a perfect option for you.

This shoe is build with extra cushioning in the heel while also providing excellent side-to-side stability therefore is great for not only running but any other activity that has you moving back and forth from side to side as well.

Most women will find this to be an incredibly comfortable shoe was well and with its unique design, it definitely looks great on.

You’ll find this one retailing for below $70 in most locations so again, a cheaper option to consider.

New Balance 1010

Another top of the line cross training shoe is the New Balance 1010. New Balance is a name that many women have come to trust as their shoes generally prove to stand the test of time. If you’re someone who is exercising multiple times a week, you want a good shoe that is going to hold up as the week’s pass on. New Balance shoes do this very well.

This particular cross trainer is great as it has a wrap-around lacing structure that will help to stabilize the foot, providing extra support as you perform any type of agility, side to side movements.

For those who are performing bootcamp sessions where you are constantly running around and changing directions, you’re going to find that this shoe really works perfectly.

In addition to that, this shoe has an upper webbing on it for added support so you’ll definitely be able to wear this shoe with any activity you perform.

It does come in as one of the higher priced models however as you can expect to spend over $100 on it, so one that you’ll want to consider if you do have a higher budget.

You may find yourself asking whether this higher price is worth it? The answer to that question really depends on the types of activity that you’re doing and how often you’re working out. If you are going daily and are performing a very wide range of exercises, then you will likely enjoy the extra support and the wrap-around lacing structure this shoe provides you with.

You have to remember that shoes do influence comfort while in the gym to a larger degree so if you’re there for five to eight hours of the week, you want to be comfortable and pain-free.

Ascics Gel-Antares TR2

Finally, the last cross training shoe to consider is the Ascics Gel-Antares TR2 and this shoe is great for those women who are looking for something affordable that will help provide plenty of cushioning and support.

This shoe has a naturally higher arch as well so is great for those who do have a higher arch with their natural foot structure. The gel cushioning system is preferred by many women as it provides a comfortable landing when coming down from any jumping you perform or when you are just going for a jog on the treadmill or outside.

You can usually find this shoe for under $70 as well, so it won’t break the bank when you purchase it.

So there you have some of the top women’s cross trainers to consider. Make sure when you go into the store to purchase a pair of training shoes that you do try a number of different brands and styles to determine what’s most comfortable for you.

Walk around in them a little bit and do some jumping around – this will give you the best indication of how they will feel as you go about those intense workout sessions.  Remember that you will be spending a lot of time in these shoes so they definitely are something that you’re going to want to invest in.



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