The Future of Dog Food – Better Nutrition

One of the most common questions sent to our pet experts here at Professors House is what do I feed my dog? And in all honesty, no one is surprised – the pet food industry is a quagmire of misinformation, bad press, far too many mediocre choices, and a ton of downright dangerous dinner options making it nearly impossible for the average pet owner to make a responsible and educated decision.

The Future of Dog Food

What if, in one broad stroke, we could take away all the guesswork, confusion, and indecision about what is the best food for your dog? Like that idea? And, even better, it is simple, easy, and even delivered to your door!

The Future of Dog Food is Customization.

Nothing says unique like your dog! He is not like any other dog on the block or in the city so why should he eat a kibble that every other dog on the planet eats?

Custom dog food allows pet owners to choose exactly what goes into the food they are feeding their four-legged family member. Starting with a base of a protein choice and a carbohydrate choice, owners can then choose from a list of supplements what their pet needs or does not need.

Do you have a young high energy Border collie that never keeps all four feet on the ground at one time? Pick high protein chicken with yellow peas to deliver grain and gluten free, top quality nutrition that will keep him happy and healthy. Add a preventive joint supplement will keep wear and tear to a minimum, ensuring that a decade later, he will still be able to enjoy his favorite activities!

What about a low energy, older Pekingese with skin and coat problems as well as a history of bad teeth? Low protein lamb and potato will help control his caloric intake while adding a healthy skin and coat supplement along with an oral health supplement will help keep him looking, and smiling, his best!

And for the three-year-old yellow Lab that is finally starting to settle down but suffers from a reactive digestive tract? A moderate protein chicken and yellow pea with a digestive aid supplement and because large dogs are prone to mobility issues as they age, a joint supplement will help prevent arthritis as they age.

None of these concepts are new however. Commercial food manufacturers have been formulating kibble for specific age groups, energy levels, and with various supplements for years.

So what makes custom pet food the future of dog food? The ability to adjust the formula from bag to bag, season-to-season, and year-to-year!

Custom Dog Food and your Ever-Changing Pet!

Custom dog food allows you to change your dog’s supplement formula and caloric intake as needed without disrupting the base formula. Does this make a big difference? It can, especially for dogs with sensitive digestive systems or food allergies; guaranteed, if your allergy dog is happy and itch-free on chicken and yellow pea medley, you are going to want to keep him on it the rest of his life!

But other aspects of his overall health do change. In winter you may want to cut down on the calories he ingests without changing the quantity of food he eats each day.

Supplement needs change from season to season as well. Fall and winter may call for a joint formula to be added, while spring shedding is better controlled when the dog is on a skin and coat formula and with a busier ‘social life’ at the dog park in summer, you may want to consider an antioxidant formula to help toughen your pet’s immune system.

Custom Dog Food versus Homemade Dog Food

After the March 2007 pet food recall, many dog owners switched to feeding a homemade diet as they felt they could not trust the commercial diets on the market. Fair enough but many homemade diets are suspect as well as they are not nutritionally balanced or formulated for various health concerns.

A homemade diet might be a better option then many of the low-end commercial brands but what you do not know could be hurting your pet. Always consult with a holistic veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist before switching to a homemade diet or if you feel your pet is suffering from a nutritional imbalance.

Custom dog food is cooked in individual batches when an order is placed and delivered to your door within a few days. Because it is fresh, preservatives are not required and none of the natural flavors are lost to sitting on a shelf, waiting to be shipped or purchased. Custom pet food is convenient, formulated for your dog, and a healthy alternative to a homemade diet.

Customization and the Future of Dog Food

The future of dog food is a rosy one – you are in the driver’s seat, making the vital decisions and deciding exactly what your pet will eat! No more guesswork, no more compromises, and no more concerns over recalls or cooking a homemade diet for your best dog, allowing you more time to go for walks and play fetch!



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