The Gift of Humor: 3 Ways to Help You Get on The Path to Healing

3 Ways to Help You Get on The Path to Healing

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.
― Erma Bombeck, American Actor 

A close friend of mine described to me how she was gathered with her family around a beloved aunt who was dying in the hospital. The group surrounded her were crying quietly. That is until one of the aunts, the older sister of this aunt who was dying, began a diatribe of tormented tears. Always dramatic, Aunt Ruth, sobbed, “Oh, my sweet little sister, Helen! You were always so much better than me. You were so innocent. So beautiful. You were the best of us! This should be me, not you!”

The group went quiet impacted by such over-the-top handwringing. Finally, one of the cousins said, “Save that for therapy, Aunt Ruth.” The tears turned into laughter. The painful farewell was now a gentle goodbye and a shift had happened just like that. It was a healing moment for everyone.

The gift of humor.

There is always a thin line between tragi-comic challenges we all face. No matter what the blues are before you, there are moments to uplift and transform you if you allow them.

Here are three simple ways to help you access the gift of humor in every moment—in your relationships with your partners, your work, your connection to friends and family… and most importantly, with you. Look at these three simple healing ways as the thrill of going on a scavenger hunt when you were a kid. You’re mining for gold—and that’s the gift of humor.

  1. Expect the Unexpected. When you let go of what you think this present moment (or your entire life) should look like, humor takes it’s cue and takes center stage. No matter how tragic the circumstances of your life may be, something funny will emerge.
  1. Trust that Humor Heals. When you embrace the idea that humor is good for the body and soul, you will stop judging this present painful moment as a No Humor Zone and something that you might need to take the next step forward… with a little humor, you may even change the trajectory of the way your life is heading in a very big way.
  1. Spend Time with a Child. Spend time with a child or a pet and let them do their pure and delightful things that cause you to smile and even laugh out loud. Humor allows you to embrace them… and this present moment… more fully.

When you laugh, when you allow yourself, when you give permission to yourself to laugh and trust that a little humor goes a long way? Your heart heals. And the scene that may unfold in this present moment may turn out to be better than you could have ever imagined.

Jesse Wilson is a Communications Specialist, Human Connection Trainer, 2 time TEDx Speaker, Author, and Performer. The CEO of “Tell The Winning Story,” Jesse has taught hundreds of personal transformation workshops across the country, helping people make communication breakthroughs into their authentic selves. A Juilliard Theater Graduate, Jesse shares with audiences how the lessons from the stage can help ANYONE step into a much more powerful role when you can envision your greater role, and your greater story, waiting to take center stage. You can connect with Jesse Wilson at



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